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June 11th

Published by • Jun 11th, 2009 • Category: GHC News

How’s your Spring Break going? I hope you’ve had plenty of quality horse time, or are planning some for the summer. My break has been great. I’ve spent part of the time in the Sierra mountains, part of the time experiencing Mother Nature’s beauty from the back of a motorcycle (fun, but not the same as being on the back of a horse), and all of the time with loved ones. How perfect is that? Speaking of loved ones, here’s a photo of Hooteeny and me enjoying a hike in the Sierras.

Hiking with Hootee

This weekend I have a fun horsey activity planned — attending the Western States Horse Expo. Can’t wait! In the meantime, a quick GHC update…

SUBMISSIONS & THE PUBLISHING CALENDAR. Some features will reopen next week, starting with Junior Blogger submissions. Many of you have a fun summer ahead (hopefully experiencing life in the real world of horses), plus some of you are still in school. Add to that the news below, and I expect the publishing schedule will slow down as we…

GEAR UP FOR COMPETITION FUN! In the coming weeks, the bulk of my GHC time will be spent finalizing plans for a fiction competition. I won’t announce details until they’re solidified, but can tell you this: The competition will be open to anyone 17 or younger, and it will be judged by some top-selling horse fiction authors and kid’s media experts. And yes, there will be prizes.

If readers are interested in helping with judging, donating a prize, or becoming a sponsor, please let me know your thoughts via the email link at the bottom of the page.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. It’s so good to see Hooteny! SO glad he’s doing better! Hope you had a LOT of fun, I kno I did!

  2. Oooh! Adorable Hooteeny! I’m so glad your back Leadmare! Yay! Can’t wait to hear about the contest! I am so excited. *Dancing around* Happy days are here again! GHC is here again! Don’t know where that came from. :D

  3. By the way, how is everybody? I’ve missed you ALL!

  4. This is sooo cool! Do you have any idea when guest blogger submissions will open?

  5. Sweet! I have missed coming on and seeing the new blogs and commenting with everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful spring break!! It sounds like you had fun LeadMare.

    My summer is starting this coming week, I am so excited, school ends for me the 15th. yah! Like Rachel said “Happy days are here again!”

    (I missed you all.) =)

  6. Oh yes, that is an awesome picture LeadMare! And Hooteeny is looking great!

  7. It’s when I’m trying to put into words how much I’ve missed GHC and all of its inspiring girls that I realise it was A LOT. How is everyone doing?

    The first time today I laughed when my computer finally decides to load the GHC blog, the second time I laughed was when I saw this blog :D I’ve been anticipating this. I’m so happy to see you and Hooteeny having fun. It looks absolutely beautiful in the Sierra mountains and it definitely seems like a refreshing experience. The fiction competition sounds so exciting, I can’t wait for it. Thank you once again on a fun idea!

    Haha, I agree: Happy days are here again!

  8. I’m glad to be back at GHC! My computer’s been having some problems so I haven’t been on in like forever.

  9. OOOHH! I can’t wait, a fiction compition.

  10. I’m glad you’re all having a nice spring break. I’ll tell Hoots you send your love. As you can see he’s back on his feet, and had we been in an area that allowed dogs off leash he would have been chasing squirrels and bears. :)

    I plan to take lots of photos/videos at the horse expo to share. Horses, here I come!

    I’m also very excited about the fiction competition, but realize it’s going to occupy most of my time so general submissions will remain closed. I need to finalize materials for the judges and sponsors before opening JB submissions. Thanks for your patience — more to come!

  11. Happy days are here again! Hurrah! Yay for LeadMare and the GHCers!

  12. YAY! i didnt expect to miss GHC so much but i did

  13. It’s good to be back here at GHC!

  14. G’day everyone! Y’all having a champion summer! I just got back from church camp and we’re going to be goin riding pretty soon! ye-haw!!! Maybe we’ll be able to get the theme sone up and running later on.. can’t wait for another round of blogs


  15. Sounds fun! I love competitions. Hope you’re break was as great as mine!


  16. I had a fun spring break! And I have good news, I will submit my first poem EVER when the forms open, and I hope it gets published! Wish me luck girls!

  17. Hi everyone! My summer holiday doesn’t start for another month or so but I have been having great fun riding on the weekends. I have guide camp at the beginning of august, so I’ve been getting everything ready for that, and the week after I’ll be spending every day at the stables with my very own pony for the week! I can’t wait for the competition!!

  18. Good luck WesternMare!!! I’m sure your poem is beautiful!

  19. I missed you to Rachel!

  20. Oh and by the way Leadmare nice pic.. your puppydog is as adorable as ever. What kinda prizes were ya looking for exactly? I might be able to donate one… =0)

  21. Wow! I’m glad GHC is back! (I didn’t know until today…)

    A competition! COOL! :)

  22. Which authors and horse people? That excited me so much! :)

  23. HorseFeathers, I went to a girls camp (it is with my church) the first week of June. It was so much fun! =) Did you have a good time at your camp?

    Tons o’ Luck WesternMare! =)

  24. I can’t wait for that contest!

  25. It’s so good to see nickers from everyone again! I was on GHC nearly every day, waiting… waiting… :D

  26. Thank-you Narnian Rose! I need all the luck I can get!

  27. Hey everyone!!! Long time no read! :D I didn’t think I’d actually miss GHC as much as I did(:-)
    I hope everyone had a great break!
    During the break I’ve really been cracking on my story that I’ve mentioned a few times before. In fact I started a blog for it! (Thanks for the idea Rachel D.!) I posted the first chapter on it and would DEARLY like you guys to look at it and give me your opinions! (through the comments) You guys are honestly the best for constructive comments:)

    My blog:

    Thanks for your time!

  28. WesternMare: I can’t wait to read your first poem. You wouldn’t need any luck, I’m sure it is amazing :D

    I’maCowgirl: That is one heck of a chapter you wrote! Already I love where the story is going and I can’t wait for more. You’ve used beautiful language and conveyed the story effectively by doing so. If this or one of your other stories are ever published, I have to get it! Brilliant work.

  29. Glad to hear everyone is excited about the fiction competition. Look for more details to be posted soon…

    Congrats on creating your own blog I’maCowgirl. It’s exciting to see that some of you have ventured out on your own to blog about interests beyond horses. Go horse girls! I hope you have fun and stay safe.

  30. WesternMare, I am SURE you don’t need any luck, help, or prayer. *wink* you’ll be fine.

  31. Blazen’cowgirl– yes!! I had a champion time at my church camp! lol I think my favorite part was kyacking on the lake. We didn’t have horses sadly, =0( but it was fun all the same.

  32. I’maCowgirl, I am loving your blog! I think that you should be able to post on mine now, I don’t know what happened before. :)

  33. Sooo excited for the fiction competition! Narnian Rose, I missed you!

  34. I’m following your blog, Im’aCowgirl, and I didn’t even know it was you! :P Typical me. But anyway, your story looks really cool so far! *thumbs up* Great job!

    And I’m with Rachel Danielle; every day I was checking GHC. :D It’s good to be back!

  35. Madelaina and LeadMare: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! You have no idea how much that means to me!:’)

  36. Thank-you Madelaina! I actually wrote two poems. I’ll submit both of them when the forms open. LeadMare, when will the forms open? I’m so nervous. I’ll only be writting poems. I hope you girls and LeadMare will like them. I need some supporte.

  37. haha… I was checking back every day too! GHC has become such a great part of my life. =)

    LeadMare just thought you should know….that you are the BEST! Not many people would spend so much time so that horse girls (or any other girls) could have such a fun, safe, and constructive place. Thanks a million. I love what you have done for all of us. Thanks!

    ~ Blaze’ncowgirl

  38. WesternMare, I have no plans to open general submissions until all the competition details are in place, then after that we’ll see. I appreciate your interest and will definitely keep in mind that you’re eager to submit.

  39. Sounds like fun

  40. Thank-you LeadMare. But take your time. I’m putting my poems on hold due to terrible news. Thanks for all your supporte.

  41. WesternMare, I hope everything’s alright. What terrible news?

  42. WesternMare: I can’t wait to read your two poems, but for the meantime I wish you all the best for whatever is happening in real life.

  43. What’s wrong WesternMare?

  44. Junior Bloggers, your submission form is open. Please use the email link below if you need another reminder about how to access the form.

  45. I hope everything will be okay WesternMare. You have my prayers.

  46. Lol actually I wrote a third poem… Anyway the news is terrible in my opinion, but I don’t know if you girls will think its terrible. Well, ever since I was born I had my cat, I grew up with her, for years she brought me happiness. And next week, we are putting her down because she has bad cancer. :'( I don’t want her to suffer so I have to say good-bye to her. I can’t focus. And I’m trying to spend as much time with her as I possibly can. Thank-you girls for your concernes. I’ll be fine… I think…

  47. Oh that is terrible WesternMare! I know how it feels. We once had to put one of our dogs down that we had had for most of our lives. He was very sick. =( The only good thing is that you know that they will not be suffering anymore. Even though it is hard for you.

    I actually wrote a speech on the subject of Euthanasia (for school) and when it is right thing to do. Maybe I will share it with you all sometime.

    I hope you have a great week with your cat.

    P.S. I hope this comment doesn’t make you too sad.

  48. WesternMare: That is terrible news, I’m so sorry. I can’t even pretend to imagine what it feels like to be in your place, but you’re doing the best thing. Always know that I support you through the next few days. Give your cat a pat for me :)

  49. Oh WesternMare that IS terrible news! You are doing the right thing, not letting her suffer. I’m praying for you, I can’t imagine what it would be like to know these were the last few times I would have with my pet. I am so sorry, and we’re here for you!

  50. Thank-you girls so much. I have good news, if my cat doesn’t have another reaction to her illness we might keep her another week. :) Madelaina: Thank-you for your support. I’ll make sure to give my cat a pat from your part. Blaze’ncowgirl, also I thank-you for your support. Your right; at least I know she died peacefully. I’ll miss her so much.

  51. WesternMare: I’m so sorry about your cat. Like Madelaina said you are doing what’s best for your cat. We are all supporting you here at GHC.

  52. Thank-you Narnian Rose. Change of plans: my cat peed blood. So, we can’t keep her an extra week. So, there is no good news of this. She had a reaction so… Bye bye Flower! Enjoy the last few days of your life! :(