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June 21st

Published by • Jun 21st, 2009 • Category: GHC News

HAPPY SOLSTICE! Spring Break is officially over and Summer is off to a great start. While I always intend to relax and kick back during breaks, inevitably I end up initiating change and assigning myself new projects. Along with launching the 2009 Fiction Competition, in real life I’ve started working with a new riding coach. Yesterday I had my first ride with Principe, a sweet Peruvian Paso gelding, and my first experience with the paso llano gait. So smooooth! I’m happy happy happy to be back in the saddle. :)

But enough about  me, here’s what’s in store for YOU…

2009 FICTION COMPETITION. The goal of this summer event is to raise the bar by working with high-profile judges for a competition intended to give young authors a boost of confidence and a leg up toward achieving their goals, along with some fun prizes and great content for readers. I’m eternally grateful to our judges Terri, Jessica, and Sharon. We’re SO lucky to have their participation. The entry form will be posted next Saturday, along with info about the prize packages.

Interested in sponsoring or donating to this event? Click here for more information, then use the email link at the bottom of any page to contact me.

THE JUNIOR BLOGGERS ARE BACK. We already have new poetry from mustang23 and Madelaina. JB’s, if you need a reminder about how to access the submission form use the email link below.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. We are lucky indeed to have those judges. LeadMare, I’m happy that you got the chance to get back in the saddle! Hope you had fun!

  2. Yeah im working on some peices right now Mrs. Leadmare to submit but im mainly working on the story competition… so its gonna be pretty slow fer me if thats alright.. Love y’all and your works

  3. No problem HF. I anticipated that would be the case for those JBs who plan to enter the competition.

  4. I may or may not have a blog for a while…I’m working hard on my piece for the competition. I’ll see what I can do.

  5. I cain’t wait for the competition!

  6. I agree with the other JB’s, I’m working on my entry- so I’m not sure I’ll be too prolific with blogs. Thank you tons for arranging this LeadMare- and riding a Paso sounds too fun! I’m glad your back in the saddle again. :D

  7. Principe sounds lovely, I’m glad you’re having a great time riding. I’ve ran out of ways to thank all you have done, but I promise I’ll come up with something new soon :) Meanwhile, thank you so so much for launching such an exciting competition, and one with fantastic judges! Terri, Jessica and Sharon, I too am eternally grateful that you can spare some time to judge the entries.

  8. I probably won’t post a blog for a while because of the fiction competition, and I think I’ve forgotten the password for the JB submission form. Anyway, it’s good you’re riding again (:

  9. Great! I am working on my story for the competition too, but I’ll see what I can do as far as blogs, etc. Thanks for everything you do!

  10. Truckloads of poems coming from school now that it’s almost over!

  11. No worries about blogging — we’ll all be busy with the competition. :)

  12. Hey y’all! I just wanted to say howdy! I have guests comin’ over so I won’t be on until tommorow.
    P.S. LeadMare: Should general submissions open soon? In a week or two maybe?
    Seeya Soon!

  13. Narnian Rose, that question has been asked a few times. My GHC time is focused on the competition and the JBs so general submissions will remain closed. If anything changes I’ll be sure to announce it in an update.

  14. I just thought of this; will we be able to view other girls contest entries?

  15. How will the entries be judged? Isn’t more likely that an older contestant will win because they have more experience?