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Junior Blogger Finals: Results

Published by • Mar 1st, 2008 • Category: Junior Blogger Finals

Junior Blogger FinalsCONGRATULATIONS to all who participated in the Junior Blogger Finals. Each of you have a unique talent and are an important part of the *real* life that pulses through our virtual barn. Special thanks to the readers who voted. After all, what’s the point of having a team of rock star bloggers if there’s no one to write for?

Here’s the official ranking from your vote:

1. (tie) Allison and SB
2. Lauren
3. (tie) Jeanna and tash

Because we had a tie for first place, both Allison and SB will be added to the roster. All your blogs will be moved out of the Guest Blogger category and into your own category under Junior Bloggers. Full bios will be added as soon as possible.

There’s more news to share regarding the team, but you’ll have to wait for the announcement tomorrow… In the meantime, please enjoy the timely blogs Hard Feelings by Rebecca Shyly and Madelaina’s Leap Day blog Life of a Champion.

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  1. LeadMare, how do we fill out the bio?

  2. Congrats SB! We’ll take care of completing your bio, but suggestions are always welcome via the contact form.

  3. Congrats to all the winners!
    And goodluck to all the others with writing more blogs and stories!

  4. Congrats!!! You all were awesome!!Hey Leadmare when will there be another opneing in the Jr. Blogger ranks?

  5. Congratulations Allison and SB! I have never seen a closer voting and it’s great that both of you are in! To all the other contestants, you did an awesome job as well. Remember, there’s always next time, so meanwhile have fun writing.:D

  6. great work SB and Allison! me and Jeanna rock! lol, we’ll have our own celebration! na, im fine with it!

  7. You people are awesome ;)

  8. Wow! Congratualtions Allison and SB, I think you guys will both do an excellent job. All the finalists did really well though, I had a hard time deciding who to vote for. Great job! :D

  9. congrats to every one who participated. SB and Allison: Good luck as the JBs!

  10. LeadMare: will there now be like a que for Jr. blooger spots? so like the next opening if for Lauren, then the next is me or Jeanna then the other one (me or Jeanna) then back to the old way of who ever gets 3 blogs first is the blogger? or will there be another vote? or something comletely different?

    P.S. if me or Jeanna have to decide out of which one will be Jr blogger first Jeanna can go first, I really think she should go first. Besides i just started High School too this year (for Aussie primary school is grade prep to year 6 then high school is year 7 to year 12) so I have to work find time for when i can go on GHC and other internet sites.

  11. Hi tash. Yes, assuming you all are still interested and contributing at the time a slot opens up. It’s nice of you to put Jeanna first, but in the same way we made slots for Allison and SB when there was a tie, we would make slots for both you and Jeanna. Hope this answers your questions. Thanks for your interest and enthusiasm.

  12. okay cool!

  13. tash: thanks for putting me first, but I already have my hands (one of them anyway) full with the help column. If a spot opens up, you should take it.

  14. na it’s okay, besides LeadMare said we both get to be put on, when there is room.