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Keep Fighting

Published by • Sep 21st, 2010 • Category: Poetry, Summer of Horse Dreams Roundup

by Icehorse, age 11

My horse is my freedom
Whenever I have a problem
She is there for me

I wish I could say the same
For the mustangs
No one is there for them
When the helicopters buzz above
Forcing them into corrals

Sure, they are there later,
But they won’t ever understand
What it was like to be free
To gallop in the wind
Without fear of humans
Or the confinement of the cage

We will never understand
But we can try
We can donate money to mustang sanctuaries
We can write letters to the government
I, of course, have done what I can
But it is not enough

The BLM is not giving up
The mustangs have hope in us
And that should be enough

So, we must keep fighting
Going to rallies
Holding fundraisers
So that our grandchildren will not say
That they are just a fairytale

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  1. excellent horse grrl

  2. Champion poem! =)

  3. thnks!!

  4. Wonderfull poem.