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Published by • Mar 31st, 2010 • Category: GHC News, March for Wild Horses

March for Wild Horses

THANK YOU to everyone who came out to March for Wild Horses. We read dozens of inspired contributions to our blog, and the gallery artwork was stunning. Your collective, creative voice made a powerful statement: We have an unwavering passion for wild horses, and we’re determined to assure they’re protected and preserved for horse girls and boys of the future.

I addition to all the great GHC creations shared throughout the month, we were very lucky to learn about and interact with TJ Holmes, who introduced us to the amazing mustangs of Spring Creek Basin. Thanks to Rochlia for connecting us to TJ, and thanks to TJ for giving us a glimpse into the family of horses she calls her own (yet does not own). I was riveted by the tales of her experience observing and photographing them, but this really hit me…

“What inspires me most about mustangs is at once simple … and amazingly complex – just like the horses themselves. They are hardy. They are fragile. They are wonderfully complex in their social systems and bonds. They are refreshingly simple in their actions and reactions. They are adaptable. They are graceful. They are innocent. They carry the weight of their ancestors’ long history. They are curious and brave and easily frightened. They are bold and fearless and defensive of their families. They live in the harshest environments – to which man has committed them – and they thrive. They are independent. They are dependent (we have fenced them into these herd management areas and it is incumbent upon us that their basic needs of water and forage are met). In a perfect world, they could manage just fine without us (witness those few horses returned to the continent … the millions repopulating the continent … the devastation wrought upon them by generations of “mustangers” …). In many, many instances where they’ve been adopted, their adopters become so enamored of them as to say “I’ll never have but another mustang.” They are stunning. They are so much more.”

~~TJ Holmes

As always, thanks to our behind-the-scenes barn mice. Julia and Madelaina are always here to support the rest of the herd with editing, moderating, and encouragement. Without them, we couldn’t have an event like this. And let’s not forget our technology jockey, Sky, who keeps this virtual barn on a solid foundation and assures the doors are open to welcome old and new friends.

During March for Wild Horses, we saw that Wild Horse Annie’s spirit lives on through today’s horse girls—at GHC and beyond—all committed to mustangs in their own way through writing, activism, film, photography, and so much more. Although the event has come to a halt, it doesn’t end.

Keep hoping, keep taking action, and keep Wild Horse Annie’s legacy marching forward.


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  1. I’ll miss y’all! Champion literatures and art and behind the scenes work! It was top notch all the way! I enjoyed reading and listening to everything that was published.

    Happy trails

  2. Hey GHC,

    I just want to congratulate everyone who participated this month on a job well done. Some nights I would come home so tired and frustrated, but when I logged on to GHC and started to read what had been written, all the bad feelings washed away and were replaced by beautiful stories about beautiful horses written by beautiful people. If mustangs could read, they would be giving every last one of you a standing ovation.

    I was pretty quiet myself throughout March, but I think it was only because the amazing work submitted by my fellow horse girls took my breath away and rendered me speechless. :)

    So here’s to you! For writing, creating, speaking up and speaking out. Here’s to the new voices and the familiar, the passionate people taking action against the injustices being held to the wild horses, and the horses themselves. Here’s to preserving the wild horses of America — the living reminders that greedy people are not the only creatures who need protecting.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. LeadMare, does this mean that GHC will be closed until next month? Also, when are we going to decide which Int*l Horse is going to be adopted for the GHC stables? Thanks!

  4. Thanks everyone who Contributed! Thanks Made and Julia, our behind-the-scenes workers! You two are the gears behind the machine front, always keeping us gong! And thanks to TJ, for giving us a wonderful experience talking to her! ;) We all hope, I assume, to one day meet TJ. Keep up the good work, girls. One question, LeadMare:

    Will the submissions open once more after March for Wild Horses is completed? Jus a question! I have a few poems I’d like to submit… ;) Thanks!

  5. Thanks for doing this LeadMare! I’m sure I can speak for everyone when I say that we had a great time!! I’m sure voices were heard for our Wild horses! Everyone here is SO talented and I enjoyed reading everything that I did and I wish I was able to read more. I can’t wait until future events of girlshorseclub! This is my favorite site to contribute writing and especially reading other girls’!

    And if you ever need help with anything, Id love to help. :) Do you plan to do anything in the future, LeadMare? Like, soon? Or will you wait a bit?

    I can’t wait to see. I really enjoy all these horse stories and horse girls! You girls are awesome! And so are you LeadMare! Thanks you for doing this! And helping the wild horses!

    (Was that too many exclamation points!!? lol. Is there ever too much? . . . Maybe. :) )

  6. Awesome job everyone! All the stories, poems and blogs were great and inspiring! I’m sure most of us, if not all, will continue to march for wild horses. I know I will, I’m still coming up with ideas. “A wild horse’s spirit can never be tamed, no matter how hard you try.”

    You rock horse girls!

  7. This month was great! It was really fun and interesting reading all of your work, and a nice thing to see something new today. Thank you TJ, for coming and answering all of our questions, it must’ve been a LOT of work, especially with your very detailed answers that were nice to read. But most of all, Thanks SO much Leadmare, it was fantastic! And I’m sure you had hours of behind-the-scenes work, and I really appreciated it!

  8. whhoops, I meant everyday not today.

  9. Thanks everyone—your interest and enthusiasm is truly appreciated.

    In response to the questions about what’s next and when, that’s still TBD. There’s definitely a giveaway in the future as donations of horse-themed goodies are starting to accumulate. I’ll keep you updated as plans solidify.

    Also, thanks for supporting my change of heart about adopting one of the mustangs featured in the Int*l Horse stories. (If you missed it, see the info at the end of each Int*l Horse story.) After reading the stories, I felt it would send the wrong message considering the intent of March for Wild Horses. I’ll find a way to honor Sanuye, Talitha and the perlino stallion in the stables, but in a way that’s different than the domesticated horses.

    I hope the change of seasons is bringing you more opportunities to be out and about with your two and four-legged friends!

  10. Super work everyone! Once again, I am humbled, awed and utterly inspired by the many talented voices here at GHC. Every submission was incredible and rose the bar up another notch. It’s been truly amazing to have been able to participate. Thanks everyone for their efforts!

    We definitely ought to be looking out for more ways we can help the mustangs. Having experienced so many works of art has made me realise that horse girls DO have power. If this is what we accomplished in a month, imagine what we can do if we keep persisting?

    Thank you LeadMare for dedicating so much thought into this event. It’s been a very fascinating journey into the world of mustangs. Let’s give everyone, especially LeadMare, three cheers for making March for Wild Horses possible!

  11. Thank you again LeadMare for your decision with the Int’l horses. It’s a great idea. :) Oh, and I LOVE the banner. It is so so so beautiful. I entered the site and I’m like, “Aw, it’s so pretty!” I love it! :)

  12. Leadmare – Alright… We all will be standing by anticipatively munching on our hay! I can’t wait to see what comes next for GHC! Maybe open submissions again? Or will we have a competition of some sort?

    I agree with Jonannah; the banner is BEAUTIFUL! I didn’t see it until I went to check the comments here, and then I was like, “Oh! So pretty!” ;) Thank you, Spring, for finally getting here! Now I can go out and hang with my ponies! Yay!

    Too many exclamation marks? NEVER!

  13. Hahah yeah I agree, the banner is very pretty. The orange is very nice too, one of my favorite colors! And here’s to everyone who participated in March for Wild Horses: YOU ARE ALL SO AWESOME!!

    And of course, inpiring too. I enjoyed reading every single entry.

    Hurry for Spring! I can wear T-Shirts again! :)


  14. Thanks everyone!! I had such a awesome time reading all the stories! It’s just inspired me to write MORE!!! Love you girls, we’ll just keep marching, cantering, and even rearing to save the mustangs if we have too! :]

    Namarie for now-
    Rochlia Starflight

  15. Great job everyone! It was really uplifting to see how strong everyone is for wild horses. It was great to participate in the march for the wild horses! Let’s keep fighting, even though our month dedicated to wild horses has past. Together we can save our wild horses!

  16. Wew! virtual high five WesternMare!! Orange is beyond THE best color in the world. I LOVE it. :) I get everything I can orange. Flip-flops, yoyos, duct tape, etc. :) It was so warm I got to wear a pair of my orange flip-flops!

    And yes, the banner is beautious! :) I love it and I had so much fun and can’t wait for the next event. :)

  17. Thanks again horse girls—you’re the best. Until our paths cross again, keep riding, keep reading, keep writing, and keep marching for wild horses!