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Hopes Too High or Keeping Dreams Alive?

Published by • Apr 3rd, 2009 • Category: Horse Dreams

by Ginger, age 11

As a horse rider and a competitive swimmer, I know how it feels to get your hopes up too high. It is not wrong to hope — hope is what keeps your dreams alive — but keeping balance between hoping and hoping too high is tough. I have two examples.

Dream ItRoxy is my miniature horse, and Lady is a welsh pony that I am training, but she is not mine. So right know I do not have a horse of my own that I can ride, show, bond with and play with. I ride my friend’s horse twice a week and work for lessons once a week, but it is not the same. I have often gotten my hopes way too high on a horse I want to buy, and then I hear they are too much or the situation is not right, and my hopes come crashing down. And down, and down. And frankly it brings me down because I have so many dreams of owning a horse that will be my best friend, that will carry me on its back, running through fields, and entering shows. And then it doesn’t work out.

Being a competitive swimmer, I know how this feels because you HAVE to get your hopes high. Swimming is almost all mental. You have to visualize getting the time you want to get. Three weekend’s ago I was at a swim meet. It was the last chance to qualify for Junior Olympics. One of my times were really close in the 50 meter freestyle, so I had been focusing on that event. After I swam the race I asked the timer for my time while I was still in the pool. And guess what — it was 81 milliseconds under Junior Olympic time cuts. I know it wasn’t real Olympics or anything, but LESS THAN A SECOND! I was mad at myself. In another one of my races I came super close as well. It was my first year in year-round swim so I cannot blame myself. I swam a couple of good races, just not good enough.

Do ItIn the horse world, the swim world, and the real world in general, you must be prepared for stuff to not work out. When it doesn’t, it is painful. But when it does work out, it brings you that much higher. So is ‘getting your hopes too high’ just keeping dreams alive? Like I said before, with stuff like swimming you have to be mentally 100% sure, and sometimes that gets your hopes too high. With horses you can’t resist getting your hopes too high. In both examples, even though you can be greatly disappointed by getting your hopes too high, that is the only way us girls can keep our dreams alive.

Getting your hopes so high,

They almost touch the sky,

And when they crash you feel like you must die,


Or just deny,

But it is the only way to keep you dreams alive,

So what to do?

When it seems like dreams and hopes are stopping you,

Keep hoping,

Keep dreaming,

It is not how it is seeming,

Right now,

But maybe tomorrow,

All your sorrow,

Will be worth it,

So keep dreaming!

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  1. Champion blog Ginger! I dream about horses and … and.. that’s about it lol. I love how you put thoughts into words. I also love those pics… Leadmare did you take them?

  2. This was a totally wonderful blog Ginger! I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes you don’t want to get your hopes too high… but it’s better to look away to the sky than to be content with the inferior. If you only make tiny goals for yourself, you’ll accomplish them, but I believe that you can’t rise higher than your dreams. So dream as big as you can! If you’re hurt, if you fall, it’s because you dared to climb high!

  3. Yeah I think she did — she does all of them, I think.


  4. I really lyk this blog. Ginger, you did a great job, and LeadMare I love the pics! Keep it up, Ginger!

  5. HorseFeathers, I bought the photos from, then added the fancy frame, plaque, etc. using Photoshop.

    Most of what I do for GHC I consider ‘photo illustration’, where I take bits and pieces from photos (some purchased, some free, some I take myself), clip art, etc. and put them together in a unique way. I <3 Photoshop!

  6. Good job, Ginger. It is important to keep a balance of your hopes and dreams in your life.

    p.s. AWESOME pics LeadMare!!!

  7. Wonderful job on the blog. It really has helped me. You are such a talented writer, and I hope to see more blogs from you soon!!


  8. the blog is really helpful

  9. Ginger, I was wondering, how long have you been a competitive swimmer? What about a horse back rider.


  10. Great blog!! It relates to me in many ways. I hope tht someday both of us will get a horse of our own. Jst be glad that you can ride and work around horses. Someday both of us will get our very own perfect horse who will be our best friends. :)

  11. Ginger,
    that was such a great blog.I know how you feel couse just recently something happend to me that made my dreams crash.
    but ginger and anybody else just remember that if you keep dreaming and you keep hoping one day your dream will come true i promise.
    good luck.

  12. After reading and finding this blog, I am hoping this will help in my search for some opions.
    I own 4 horses, my first one was in 1989. I have the desire and opportunity to start a girls horse club but can’t think of a name for it. Anyone have any ideas?
    Please help,

  13. cool blog you made!i wish i was a that stuff but cant by the way do you really own some?oh and same thing here hannah.

  14. What a great blog! It really helped me. I was at me state compititions this past summer and I really wanted to win. I was so sure i was going to. Sadley I came in 3. I was so sad.

  15. Don’t worry Carolina Cowgirl at least your not dead place and dont worry you gave it all you got and 3rd place means you guys were the top ones!besides be lucky you can go to things like that cause i cant overal no hard feelings in the writting though but i’ll wish you good luck next time though! I’ll visit one of your blogs when im able though to give you advice.:-) oh and great blog ginger!

  16. Thank you so much 4 the encouragement everyone! and lead mare I love the pictures, thank you