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Learning From Different Places

Published by • Oct 17th, 2009 • Category: Books & Writing

by Rebecca Shyly, age 13

I know that this is Girls Horse Club, but it’s also a place where girls like yourself can get writing tips (along with riding tips) and learn about writing style (along with riding style). So, I thought that this blog would be appropriate. I know that a lot of girls think school is a little boring. I admit it, I don’t always like to learn. But, I still do my best to pay attention. Because you never know what you might learn that will help you — especially in your writing.

English class is probably the most important class for writers. It teaches the basic things that every writer should know. And with GHC’s high standards, I’m sure that all of us would love to improve our writing skills to keep up. I’m not saying that we don’t have talent. We do! If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be getting published, now would we?

Another place that is helpful for writing ideas is your stable! What better place to learn about horses than where many of them live, and people who love them hang out? Your instructor might be lecturing one of the other students about the importance of grooming and inspire you to write an article about it! For that matter, you might be out on the trail one day and your horse spooks! Your next submission might be a fictional account of what happened!

My favorite inspiration is music. I don’t necessarily listen to country, or music about horses, but the rhythm and rhyme of the lyrics gives me ideas for my poetry. Also, listening to music helps me get into the writing mood. I rarely try to write a blog without listening to my favorite tunes.

My point is, you can never be sure where your inspiration is going to come from. Always pay attention to the world around you! You never know, it could be the next bestseller!

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  1. Those are really great tips! You did an awsome job, Rebecca!

  2. I have had so many songs inspire me for stories! I’ll be rollerblading around the lake and then . . . A plot!A good plot that I can use! :-)

    And my oldest sis taught me and four more of my sibs a bunch of ‘extra’ classes for school. So for English I had Language Arts, grammar, writing, another writing book, and poetry. I wrote so many poems and stories and paragraphs for the extra classes and it helped me SO much! Never think you have “too much english” It helps a lot! Rebecca’s right! :-)

    Awesome job! I loved it! And absouletly you can learn from a hundred (or more) :-)different places. Inspiration comes from anything and everything! Brilliant, girl, I loved it! :-)

  3. So true, inspiration can come from a rainy day, a chilly wind, a roaring ocean, a smile on your friend’s face, the sound of hooves, the thought of a wild horse herd hidden in a secret meadow.

  4. ive gotten inspiration from a rock, i was in the 2nd grade ok? xD it actaully spiralled into a story about a cat…nice blog, very true, i LOVE langaage (i know im a nerd)

  5. Its true. Those are great tips! :)

  6. those are great tips. Songs always inspire me. And if I’m just alone thinking, sometimes an idea just pops into my head. And sometimes if I see something like along the road, when I’m taking a walk, when I’m riding in the car, a music video, almost anything, I’m like, STORY! lol. The thing is, I sometimes forget what my idea is, so the storyline changes. Sometimes its a big change, other times its just a little tweak. Sometimes I’ll totally destroy my original storyline and create a new one. I like to do that, believe it or not. ;) There’s nothing like making a new story! Anyway, after I’ve rambled, lol, great blog, Rebecca, you’re right! Anything inspires!

  7. Glad you all liked it! Pal’s Pal: You not a nerd! I love english, and language arts!

    Im so glad that you all are sharing your inspiration. Here’s a question for you all? Where did the best inspiration you’ve had come from?

  8. I’ve always loved getting inspired around horses, they’re who I turn to when my mind just blocks out all creativity. It’s been this goal of mine to write some stories that have a better future than just being stored in a forgotten Word document or slipped into a folder of notes. I think this blog just inspired me ;) Excellent writing tips and writing style!

  9. Horsecrazzz, I think my best inspirations come from a song. I was like, gonna write that! lol. Also my mind. I think thoughts, and sometimes they’re deep, and sometimes they’re not really deep. I think music videos tell great stories too, especially if the song is a ballad. And books, too. I basically get my inspiration from pretty much anything and everything. Dreams. Dogs. Walks. Drives. Music videos. Songs. Bunches of stuff.