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Let the Hunt Begin…

Published by • Apr 12th, 2009 • Category: Fun & Games

HOPPY EASTER! I suppose we’re a little old for Easter egg hunts, but why should the little kids get to have all the fun? I say we have some fun of our own…

The three Easter eggs shown in the blog banner are hidden within three blogs. Who will be the first to find them and comment with links to each blog?

Since there are hundreds of blogs at GHC, here’s a hint to help narrow down your search:

No one likes eggs that are so old they’ve become smelly (peeeee-yewww!). The Easter eggs are hidden in three blogs that were written this year…

Have fun!


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  1. This is going to drive me HORSE CRAZY until i can find them all! Saddle up the horse and happy hunting everyone!

  2. Okay dokey Lead Mare, I’m totally ON it!

  3. Wait, are we looking for the bunny ears and such or eggs? I’m confused!



  5. ha ha yeah found one! Champion this is a great blog!


    This for the green egg. It is Rachel Danielle’s blog, Recipe for Accomplishment.

  8. This is the purple egg. It is on Violet Inkpen’s blog, The Filly with no Chance.

  9. This the blue egg. It is on Julia’s blog, My Reality.

  10. This is gonna be hard, yet fun! Good luck to everyone! Have fun!

  11. 1. The filly with no chance. 2. My reality. 3. The recipe for accomplishment. That was fun Lead Mare!

  12. I need more hints! Theres hundreds of blogs written this year! What would be helpful would be witch month.

  13. Great idea LeadMare, thanks for adding more fun to Easter! This would be a nice way to re-read some of the excellent writing at GHC. Good luck everyone!

  14. The links to the three eggs are:

    Phew, that took some time. Thanks again LeadMare!

  15. Congrats Julia — you were the first to get all three! Next was mustang23 then Madelaina. Go horse girls! Hope you had a fun day.

  16. Well done =D I never came online yesterday because I was at the stables but it looked really fun!

  17. Ha! I will never underestimate the number of blogs again….ever. ;)

  18. Congratulations Julia, mustang23 and everyone else! I never realised how many submissions there were this year.

  19. Wow. man, that was hard! There is so many blogs posted for February and March! :D

  20. Finaly! I found them! Yesterday I could not find them. I looked all morning and now I found thanks to Madelaina!

  21. Haha, I know what you mean Julia! Well congratulations everyone!

  22. Too bad… I missed the hunt. Maybe next time, then?

    Happy Easter, GHC!

  23. How fun, too bad I missed it…
    The eggs are really pretty! LOL!

  24. Good job Julia! Congrats! Don’t worry mustangmane, next year you will catch it! I sure had fun! What about you girls?


  26. I had tons of fun Westernmare! I agree Pony Princess, the first thing I said when I saw the eggs was ‘Ooh, those are pretty!’.

  27. I agree too, pretty eggs! Ha Ha!! Rachel Danielle, i’m gald you had fun. I hope the rest of you had fun!