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Life in the Eyes of a Horse

Published by • Sep 9th, 2009 • Category: Fiction

by Peanut, age 9

Hello LeadMare, guest bloggers, and fellow JBs. Today instead of writing from the humans perspective, I will (try) to write in the eyes of a horse. Here goes—

Life in the Eyes of a Horse
Photo by: R’eyes

Every morning as I wake up I am happy. For life, for friends, and for all those who love me. I am simply a horse, yet I feel as though I am not limited to the equine boundaries. I can fly like an eagle, race like a cheetah, and love like the beings in heaven. I know many secrets that are only limited to our equine minds. Yet some of those secrets you will figure out in time. It’s complicated, yet once you know the simplicities, all the challenge will be figured out. My friend has now arrived. Though she is not a horse, I still love her like she is an equine. She is the one who feeds me, grooms me, and most of all loves me!

As I am led out to my paddock I think about my wild friends. They run free, wherever they plan to go, they are not captivated. I wish I was free. Yet if I was I would not know what I know now. I know why God created horse — not for their tremendous beauty, or their hard work, but to make people smile. When a small girl walks by me. I see a little smile. And that makes me smile!

Now this could be a never ending story, but I now will reveal my secret: I am a horse, nothing more, yet I know more than any animal. Even if someone may not look good, they could be beautiful inside. And so that is it. A small sentence that you have probably heard a million times. Such a small thing that it has been forgotten. So next time, just remember — never look down on another being, unless you are helping them up.

Okay, what do you guys think? Thanks for reading!

Yours truly,


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  1. Love the picture leadmare! Champion work Peanut.. i love seeing new and interesting perspectives. Its amazing how horses can sence or smell our happiness, sadness, or fear without even us saying or changing the look on our faces.


  2. I LOVE the pic! The story! The powerful message it all sends!

  3. Great job Peanut! Sometimes I wonder what horses are really thinking…I have a feeling it’s something like this! You’re a great writer!

  4. That’s brilliant Peanut! I love the photo! I really hope Marley thinks of me the way that horse thinks of its owner! ☺☻☺☻

  5. I luv it Peanut! It’s so cute. And very very good. Gives me perspective.

  6. Soo beautiful! Your blog has truly touched my heart! Peanut, has anyone ever told you that you write like an adult?

  7. Good description!

  8. it great! i could feel my *inner horse*

  9. Awsome! You’re a greater writer, and I love the picture!

  10. Write another one!

  11. Aww thats super cool! Haha sometimes I think all my horse cares about is food, i love the picture!!

  12. Amazing story. :) You did a good job writing in a horse’s perspective. If you notice in the picture, the person who was taking the photo is reflected on the horse’s eye.

  13. Thanks guys. it really mean alot!

  14. The meaning is so deep and beautiful, I’m completely amazed! I LOVE all of it, especially the last sentence. I can clearly see their purity, kindness and intelligence. You’re very skilled in thinking like a horse :)

  15. Ummm guys… I really need to apologize for my obsession with Marley… I’ll TRY and talk about him less……..

  16. Horses aren’t too hard to think like….thing that you are beautiful, graceful, powerful, and so full of love you are about to burst. Yeah…and a little mischevious when it comes to finding the hidden carrots or stealing the ball cap…muahahaha! and there you have it. A horse!

  17. Your right Michelle, I can see the photographer’s reflection in the horses eye. It’s cool :)

  18. That was great!I like books when they are from the horses point of view.~LD

  19. I love Black Beauty, it’s one of my favorite books :) Black Beauty has such a strong opinion in it, but in a good way. I love how he tells the story of his life