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Published by • Nov 18th, 2009 • Category: Guest Bloggers, Non-Fiction

by Miss Morgan, age 12

The feeling of flying, that moment when you feel like you’re in a dream. Nothing else is important. Your hair is trying desperately to break free of your ponytail. The thud of hooves in sync with the beat of your heart fills your ears. The world around you is only faint to your consciousness. You move with the creature beneath you as one. You hold onto the horse with only your legs, the only thing keeping you on the horse. Your hand holds the reins loosely, not holding the horse back. Your right hand is sitting on your leg. The world around you is in a slow motion and you don’t want this moment of pure connection with the horse to end. You lose tack of how many times you lope around the ring, you are now totally focused.

The movement of the horse is like nothing you have ever felt before, completely unique though it could be described as an ever going wave. Smooth yet bumpy and amazing when you have it just right. You hear the horse snort and see the wind lifting the end of the horse’s mane up then letting it drop, toying with it. You refocus on what lay ahead.

A horse in a nearby pasture begins galloping and bucking but you refuse to pay him any attention, still striving for more of the moment of your perfect lope. Your heels try to creep up, which you know would make you lean forward and lose your balance, and you hastily push them back down and grip the horse with your legs. But it is too late; your foot comes out of the stirrup and the horse, feeling you loss of focus, slows out of a lope to a jog and you are thrown onto the horse’s neck. Hurriedly you sit up straight in the saddle, breathing hard along with the horse. The moment was broken, but you know it will come again.


Author’s Note: I wrote this a little after I started loping. Some things aren’t completely correct and loping isn’t Olympic diffuculty, but this is how it felt to me loping for the first couple of times. I had felt on top of the world, amazing, connected, because the horse I was riding seemed to do everything I asked the split second I asked it. It was the most amazing feeling, flying…

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  1. Champion blog. I’ve never loped before but im not sure if Izzy can do it.. Shes more of a dressage horse. That looks fun though.. the one picture taken at the moment when all of the horse was in the air. Sounds like a dream.


  2. I love loping! Its the best feeling ever, all your thoughts gone, only you and the horse flying around the arena.. Its a dream I never want to wake up from. Of course Skiddles (a horse I’m currently riding) Has the bumbiest lope you can ask for, but I still love the feeling..


  3. I’m not sure if loping is exactly the same as cantering, but I remember the first time I cantered on a horse! My friend was trying to teach me to trot and the mare I was riding suddenly took off cantering across the pasture…I was scared stiff but it felt so wonderful I didn’t even try to stop her! This blog is really cool!

  4. I’ve never loped before either, or ridden more than a handful of times. I loved the blog though! It sounded so wonderful!

  5. Wow, you made me feel almost as if I was actually riding the horse. Mesmerizing! Just like a dream. Keep it up, girl!

  6. This was incredible! It it so real, and so true. Mickey throws me onto his neck a lot, but when he’s being halfway civilized, loping on him is awesome.
    Great blog Miss Morgan!


  7. Wow, I remember when I loped for the first time, and it was exactly like your blog described it! I was a little scared at first, but then I felt as if I were flying! Wonderful job Miss Morgan!

  8. Oh I love to lope/canter. There is this horse at the stables who can do instant pickups and she has got the greatest lope on earth. Her name is Katie, she is the best horse ever.

  9. I love to lope/canter! I love filling the wind in my face as I ride. Can’t pick any better filling then when I lope. I wanderful blog Miss Morgan!

  10. Wow, that sounds amazing! Great job Miss Morgan. Haha I’ve just barely started trotting :)

  11. This blog describes cantering and loping perfectly. I’d love to try loping someday, along with Western riding. Beautiful writing! Your words put me in absolute bliss and peace.

  12. That was amazing. Is loping a form of Western riding?

  13. I love to canter. Is that the same thing as loping? Gulliver is an amazing canterer!!!!!!! Ive had that moment described in the blog. It was amazing, almost like its real!!!!!

  14. Oooooh i LOVE cantering! I canter a courtesy circle before i jump, and then I jump and we’re flying….perfect blog. Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant.=

  15. Awwwww… I wanna canter right now. Im home, away from the barn, away from Gully. Grat blog, fls like i am really canternig! Thank you, this blog makes my feel horsey!

  16. I believe a canter is more collected then a lope

  17. wats loping?

  18. Thanks for the comments guys! :)
    Jadethemagicatgirl, loping is a a speed in western riding that is above a jog and below a canter. It is a 3 beat gate I think, I can’t confirm it though. If you do english riding it’s sort of like a canter but it’s more wavy I guess you would say.

  19. Umm, I don’t mean to get off-topic but the Gallery is acting very weird for me- is their something wrong? Again, Miss Morgan- I loved your blog!!

  20. That’s funny, I always thought that a lope was the same as a canter. Is cantering English and loping Western, perhaps? I’ll make sure to ask the horselady I know…
    By the way, does anyone know what that thing is called where the horse has a very long lead rope attatched to his halter and you’re making him run at different speeds around you? Is that “longeing” or “lunging”? Or is it both?
    Great blog Miss Morgan!


  21. Raven, its called lunging.

  22. Great blog!

    Loping and cantering are essentially the same 3-beat gait, but loping is slower and more collected for western riding. Cantering is faster and is done in English. You can ask your horse for a faster lope or a slower canter, so they’re almost the same. For the ultimate western lope, watch someone doing a trail course or western pleasure. Cantering can be seen when someone is jumping or performing dressage.

  23. thanks miss morgan!,i’ve asked that cuz i admit i don’t know much about cuz im never around them and i can’t go to the library,and yes horseless or horse girls i admit it.