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REVIEW: Horse & Rider Magazine

Published by • Feb 22nd, 2009 • Category: Guest Bloggers, Previews & Reviews

Title: Horse & Rider
Category: Magazines
Publisher: The Equine Network

Reviewed by Andi, age 14

Horse & Rider MagazineAll of us being horse lovers, we read anything we can about horses. I subscribe to the magazine Horse & Rider. When talking to my fellow horse lovers about the magazine, they seem to have their doubts and questions about it.

So I wondered if my friends here at Girls Horse Club had the same questions. I found it just easier to give a review.

Horse & Rider is a very good magazine. I have found it very helpful. It gives great information about your horse and how to take care of him or her. What I really like about Horse & Rider is it just doesn’t give you info on horses only. I know that reading about horses over and over can be quite tiring and we sometimes need a little break. Horse & Rider gives you that, but at the same time keeps everything horse related. They give articles about everything including horse training tips, information about specific breeds of horses, and interviews with famous horse people, like a famous barrel racer, roper etc. It also has articles about horses that were supposedly rejects and ended up being good in the ring, and gives us different views about the much debated issue of horse slaughter.

Of course it can’t be perfect. Everything has its downfall. Horse & Rider has quite a few ads before we get to the good horse stuff. This has proved to be annoying. Flipping through ads of stuff that we know we will never be able to afford in a hundred years is rather agitating. Speaking of prices, you of course have to subscribe to Horse & Rider. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but most of us are entering the age where are parents won’t buy us everything we want. If we ask for something from our parents the usual response is, “Do you have money to buy this?” or “Save up your money and then you can get it.” So some of us would have to pay for our subscriptions. I will admit Horse & Rider isn’t necessarily cheap, but it’s not horribly pricey either.

Now here is the question: Would I recomend it? My answer is yes, I would. It has its downfalls, but Horse & Rider has proved to informative and worth the money.

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  1. How much does it cost?

  2. I have never heard of the ‘zine but I sure think the foal on rhe cover is adorable!

  3. I am asking for a Horse magizene for my Birthday but I don’t know WHICH! There are so many like horses Illistrated, and all that! I am hoping to find one featuring Horse Racing but I am not sure where to look. any ideas?

  4. This is a great blog. One thing that I love is that you give the pros AND cons. A lot of times, when writing reviews about something they like, authors will only give the pros. But you gave everything. I’m thinking about subscribing now.

  5. The Foal is GORGEOUS!