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Published by • Aug 20th, 2015 • Category: Poetry

Moonlight Gallop
by WhinnyLove, age 12

Across a wide green silk

Laden by Pegasus himself

A thousand golden hooves

Dance across the moonlight

Do you hear the rolling thunder?

That is not what you think

It is a million horses

Dancing for you and me

A twirl about on tippy toes

A kick and then a buck

A rear and then a slow trot

Then a gallop over the moonlit path

Forever running free

Dancing for you and me

The Magical Horse

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  1. Love it! Good work!

  2. Awesome! Great work!

  3. Tanks! :3

  4. so nice

  5. Really lovely !!

  6. Beautiful poem! I love it. It sound so majestic.

  7. I think I could have made i better though… Hmm…