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Magical Discovery

Published by • Jun 4th, 2012 • Category: Fiction

by Jenny, age 9

Magical DiscoveryIt was a Sunday morning when I saw the most beautiful thing in my life.

I was walking down a dark lane in the countryside. It was too dark to notice it there and then, but I knew something unusual was right in front of me, waiting to be discovered. I saw a blur of white flash across the field. I swung round to find I was looking at absolutely nothing.

I carried on walking down the dark lane. The white blur didn’t appear again, but all of a sudden I heard… I started to run as I knew something was rumbling after me. I didn’t stop until it was impossible for me to run anymore. As I stopped running, all of the noises and sights disappeared.

I swung round much too soon and startled myself. I was looking straight at it. A gorgeous snow-white pony was right there in front of me!

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  1. Wonderful. Short and smart!!!! xx

  2. thanks so much I’m so glad you liked it!!!!!

  3. She so cute . i love the peom

  4. oops. poem