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Magic’s Song (R.I.P.)

Published by • Sep 21st, 2011 • Category: Tributes

by ddog777, age 13

Black to gray,

you stole my heart away.

You were my dream,

I realize it now.

You were it, without doubt,

beautiful to me.

From pain you are now free,

with white wings you look down from above

to watch me and your filly with love.

Around the barrels we will show

and to first place she will go.

For me, my Magic, you will see

all the things heaven can be.

Goodbye Magic Chick Moon.

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  1. Aww… bless her. Was she yours?

    Sorry about your loss.

    Millz x

  2. Ya, she was mine. Thats her and her foal Onyx a little over a year ago.

  3. So Sorry to hear about Magic, she’s beautiful in that picture!

  4. I’m so sorry. She seemed like a great horse. :(

  5. You’ve written a beautiful tribute ddog777. I’m very sorry for what happened, and I’m sure that Magic was an amazing horse who will continue to inspire you with everything you do with Onyx.

  6. What a beautiful horse, I’m truly sorry for your loss :(

  7. Wow, Magic was an absolutely beautiful horse, and the poem is amazing:)

  8. Thanks guys! It really means A LOT! I’ll miss her forever but I still have her foal Kings Magic Black Onyx to keep her legacy living on :)

  9. sorry about your loss she seems like a fab horse! I WISH I HAD A HORSE!