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May 17th: Contest Voting + What’s Next

Published by • May 17th, 2011 • Category: GHC News

Dear Horse Girls,

Horse RidingI hope you’re enjoying spring, and for those of you who are winding down the school year, I hope you’re not feeling too much stress. Remember: Full on summer will be here before we know it! I have some exciting plans for my summer, and would love to hear yours. Please read on for details and news from behind the scenes.

SPRING CONTEST. Thanks to everyone who entered the Every Picture Tells a Story contest — your collaborations are wonderful! We had good participation considering it took some time to work through the different phases of the contest, many of you are busy with school, and we didn’t offer any prizes other than recognition. You’re all winners in my mind!

Since all eligible entries have been published, Part 3 will start later this week. We’ll have two categories for voting (12 and younger, 13 and older) based on the age of the author. In a couple of cases the artist is in a different age category than the author, but we’ll stick with using the author’s age for categorizing as it seems the most fair.

OPEN SUBMISSIONS. As the spring contest winds down, we’re gearing up to open general submissions. We’ll accept all genres — non-fiction, fiction and poetry — but with our Bigger Picture goals in mind we’ll continue to be selective about what we publish. Along with the best submissions, we’ll publish regular inspiration and prompts to spark your imagination and challenge you to try something new.

MAY 21st UPDATE: Submissions are open for horse-themed non-fiction, fiction and poetry! Read our SUBMISSION GUIDE, then trot over to the STORY SUBMISSION FORM.

SUMMER! I’m super excited because I signed up for a horse adventure in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. I didn’t attend horse camp as a kid, but a few years back I had the opportunity to attend a “horse camp” for adults in Montana. It was a great experience and I’ve been wanting to do another horsey excursion ever since, so this year I signed up, along with one of my BFFs. It should be a grand adventure, and I’m looking forward to spending more time in the saddle leading up to the trip.

What horsey activities are you planning or hoping to plan for the summer?


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  1. Yeah this was a fun idea Leadmare, I enjoyed reading the stories! =) Well for the most part I’ll be doing 4-H this summer with my horse Midnight. Wash the trailer when it gets warm out, trail rides ect. I did just get to go to Canada for a couple days to spend time at a horse farm. It was sooo beautiful up there. We got to go through a river. and we played hide and nicker in the pines! THe horse I rode knew exactly what to do and it was sooo fun!


  2. I can’t wait till open submission. Guess what gals? I won a writing contest in the province I live in that will be published in a book going to all the librarieS and schools in the province! Thnx for all the support and for putting up with countless submissions about gulliver. This summer, since gully was sold, I might be part boarding a large chestnut tb called atticus. I’m very exited. Love u all. Peanut.

  3. I can’t wait for open submissions! I actualy entered ine of my horsey poems for a national contest, but am still waiting to see who won. This summer, I’m going to new Mwexico, so I hope I can go to the Hubbard museum- the one with the giant eight horse statues. Nothing realy exciting horse wise though.

  4. HorseFeathers, your trip to Canada sounds wonderful!

    Peanut, congratulations! When you arrived at GHC we were all blown away by your writing, especially considering your age. What an amazing accomplishment to be published!

    icehorse, we wish you luck with your contest (we know you have the talent). The Hubbard Museum sounds pretty exciting to me.

  5. First of all, congrats Peanut! I bet you’re proud!

    I had fun during this collaboration, even though I didn’t submit a story.I’m planning for another one I can submit next. I’m crossing my fingers!

    This summer I am not sure exactly what’s up. Hopefully we will see about getting Maybelle trained so I can ride her. Meanwhile I love having her but it would be fun to ride…

    Good luck in your contest, icehorse!


  6. Thnx lm

  7. YAY!!! Submissions are open! =]
    I am going to enter another Honey story.
    I hope to read LOTS of submissions …


  8. Ummm … just wondering, what genre would a Honey story be in??? Would it be non-fiction or fiction? Does anyone know? My Honey story was this one:
    Thanks for any help!

  9. Leopard Appaloosa, your “Honey” story is considered fiction.

    Fiction is anything that you made up, and is mostly just the product of your imagination.

    Non-fiction can have literary elements, but it also must be completely true and factual. For instance, a story about the first time you fell off of a horse would be non-fiction, because it’s an account of something that actually happened.

    A perfect example of a non-fiction blog is Madelaina’s Wild Mustangs: The World in Their Eyes, found here:

  10. Leadmare- so, what’s happening with the voting results?

  11. Toppyrocks, you can see the results on the voting pages:

    12 and younger »
    13 and older » (a tie for 1st place)

  12. Julia – Thanks! =)