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Meet Koboz!

Published by • Jun 17th, 2015 • Category: Picture This

by SugarPony, age 12

My mare Tilly had her foal, half a month later then I thought! He’s a cute little bay colt with a star on his forehead and interesting dull blueish/gray eyes! His name is Koboz—it’s a Hungarian name (I’m Hungarian). :-)

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  1. If you look closely at his eyes, you can see a hint of grayish blue in the eyes. :-)

  2. He is so cute:)

  3. i wish he was mine

  4. I do to!!!

  5. Catherine: Yes he is very cute, running circles around Tilly while she’s grazing… and I’m sure everyone is wishing for a cute and curious colt like Koboz! :-) <3

  6. Aww… He’s gorgeous!

  7. He is ADORABLE! My grandpa’s horse had a colt too! But I haven’t seen him yet. I hope he’s as cute as this little guy!!!

  8. Thx everyone! You should post a picture of him ASAP Rey! :-)

  9. It’s hannah! (I wrote ‘where is the good in goodbye?’) but I’ve changed it to cheekycharlie! Koboz is gorgeous! Tilly must be a very proud mum!

  10. @CheekyCharlie: Oh yes she is. If only she could see/hear every post here! :-)

  11. He is so cute, and ya Rey you should asap

  12. Hey how do i become a member of the horse club see i love being around animals and i really love horses and I’d really like to become a member

  13. Sooooo adorable !!!