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Meet Our First Junior Editors!

Published by • Sep 27th, 2009 • Category: GHC News

We had strong and speedy interest for this position — thank you! — but two candidates surged ahead based on their long history as exceptional GHC contributors and leaders. Since there was no way I could choose one over the other (and there’s no doubt we’ll have plenty to fill whatever time they’re able to give) I decided to go for it! Please give a HUGE welcome to our very first Junior Editors…

JULIA, age 15, was the first ever Junior Blogger (see her writings here) and has been contributing to GHC for more than two years. She was also the first to submit her application, so the fact that she’s one of the first ever Junior Editors seems natural. When asked why she wants to be a Junior Editor, she said this…

I am interested in volunteering as a Junior Editor because it will only help me improve on my writing and allow me to help others advance theirs. I genuinely want to be a writer of some kind one day, and editing is a big part of that. Even though this might not seem like a big deal to some people, to me it’s one step forward to attaining my goal.

As far as qualifications, I keep straight A’s in an Honors English class, and most of my classmates send me their essays to proof just because they know I’ll do a thorough job with it. I’ve been a Junior Blogger and know what to expect as far as GHC’s standards are concerned. I have a blog of my own, have blogged here, and write for my school paper. To top it all off, my inner journalist also enables me to look at things in an unbiased and fair way.

MADELAINA, age 13, is our most senior Junior Blogger (see her writings here) and has also been contributing to GHC for more than two years.  As one of our international horse sisters, her writings bring global ‘colour’ to this virtual barn.  In addition to proving her desire to help by volunteering as a pre-reader for the 2009 Fiction Competition, Madelaina says this about her motivations and experience…

I’m interested because I have always wanted to contribute to Girls Horse Club as more than a writer. I especially want to help out whenever possible and give something back in return for all that I have learnt here. On a smaller scale of importance, volunteering as a Junior Editor would also help me as a writer and make me be additionally conscious of my grammar when writing.

As far as qualifications go, I’ve won a senior literacy competition and a year short-story competition at school. I’d be willing to check, re-check and work hard to make sure I’ve edited to the best of my ability and to make up for what I may lack in experience.

Please say a huge THANK YOU to Julia and Madelaina for their generous support of all writers at GHC. You can also thank them for the fact that general submissions will open for a short time, starting next week! Check the calendar for details.


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  1. Hey LeadMare, does this mean that there will other junior editors added later, or will there only be Julia and Madelaina? BTW: congrats on getting picked.

  2. congrats! I am so excited!

  3. Congrats! I’m now hoping I will get Grand Prix Blogger!

  4. Congrats! You guys really deserve it!

  5. congrats, guys!

  6. Champion! I always knew somwhere deep that Made would make a great runner for the spot! =0) Everyone of you are great writers!

  7. husky+horsegirl3, we’ll see. This is a new role and we need time to let it take shape.

    For anyone who may be disappointed, please keep in mind those who have taken on roles at GHC — like Junior Bloggers and Junior Editors — have worked *very* hard for it. Our editorial process is not intended to make anyone feel bad. It’s intended so horse girls who are serious about writing can get a taste of what it takes. Any published author will tell you that rejection and failure is part of the process. If you can handle it gracefully and learn from it, you’re on your way to being better and stronger.

    Thanks again for all the interest. And don’t forget — readers are just as important. I don’t think anyone would care about being published at GHC if no one read their work.

  8. How do you become a JE? Just wondering. Congrats new Juinor Editors!

  9. Thanks everyone so much for their support :) I’m REALLY excited to get started. But I agree with LeadMare, GHC wouldn’t be what it is today without its actual writers and readers. What good are editors if there aren’t any of you guys’ amazing writing?

  10. I have a few questions about general submissions.

    1) Do the count if you want to be a JB.
    2) Are there any specific guidlines for general submissions?
    3) The ones that get published, are they selected or do all the submissions get published?
    4) Is there a limit to how many entries a person can enter?
    5) Do they have to be about horses?

  11. Congrats Julia and Madelaina!

  12. Thanks LeadMare! I was kinda disapointed, but now I feel better. :-) Thank you so much girls for doing this!!! Congrats on getting the position!!

    I can’t wait until General submissions!!!! :-) I’ve got some stories i want to get on here. Will any openings for a Junior Blogger be coming soon?? I would love to do that!!!

  13. Thanks Leadmare! So when do you plan to start the Grand Prix thingamajig for the JBs? =0)


  14. Oh and hey mates! look whats open next month!!! ;0) General Submissions to all you anticipating little fillys out there. I cannot wait to read all the awesome entries!! =0)


  15. Yay!!! I know I saw that HoresFeathers!!! eek! i am so-o excited!!! i can’t wait for ya’all to read my stories!! i plan to submit the story I entered in the contest. :-)

  16. Congratz girlies =]
    I have a quick question on general submissions, is there a limit to how much you submit?

  17. Lead Mare, I see that on the new poll people are saying JBs should have to submit more than once a month to remain JBs. However, with things like school, unexpected events like best friend’s death (yes, it happened to my friend’s dad last month), and trying to make GOOD stories that people will WANT to read I think that more than once a month is extreem. JB’s submit helpful things and it can only be done with time. Oce every three months, or at least once every two months, is more reasobable/realisitc. What is someone moved and couldn’t get on the computer for a month but stil wanted to be a JB?

    Just thought I’d tell you, Lead Mare, my opinon.

  18. Congrats Madelaina and Julia!

  19. aw, i didn’t win. i’m sure that the two that won will be great! hope that you all succeed….

  20. YES! submissions are opening! i’m sooo happy! I plan to publish the first chapters of my story! I hope ya’ll like it! ooooo, i hope it actually gets published….eek…that’s somethin to think about…ooo…..

  21. Hey LeadMare I saw that you put up Blog submissions. Does that mean anything??? Are you going to have any openings for Junior Bloggers soon??? Do you know when they will be open???

    I have the same question as Rachael. Her number 4 question. So if we do publish at least 4 blogs does that make us a junior blogger or does there have to be openings??? I really want to be a JB. How do I do that? I have a lot of blog ideas and can’t wait for a chance to be a JB.

  22. Though I respect your opinion, Violet Inkpen,I disagree. It takes maybe fifteen minutes to write a short poem, half an hour for a blog. I’m sure that you can committ an hour or two per month to submit something. Not all of the submissions have to be five page long stories. However, if your computer breaks just find some way to get online, maybe at your school or library, to let us know what’s going on, you should be able to be excused if that’s the case.

  23. Congrats!
    I can’t wait until submissions open!!!!

  24. I can’t give you guys any definite answers about Junior Blogger positions (that’s up to LeadMare), but I’ll try to answer most of your questions.

    Racheal: There are two guides on the right sidebar at the very top. They should be able to answer most or all of your questions if you have any. Just repeating what they say, not all submissions are published, so the published content are selected. More indepth reasons are listed on each of the two guides.

    There isn’t a limit to how many entries a person can enter, it’s not GHC’s aim to limit a horse-girl’s writing and inspiration, but quality is valued over quantity. All submissions need to be about horses, this is a horse site after all :)

    Jonannah: Once you have published at least four blogs, you will only become a Junior Blogger when there is an opening on the roster and/or when LeadMare is offering positions to Guest Bloggers. But being a Guest Blogger doesn’t mean you can’t submit blogs and share your inspiration.

    I can’t wait to read all of your submissions when it opens :D Have fun writing!

  25. Rachael take a look at the FAQ that will answer all your questions! :-)

  26. The FAQ on the general submissions.

  27. Violet Inkpen- LIke michelle says I understand where you are coming from. Sometimes life sneaks up on you and drags all your time for other things. However, if you are going to commit to being a junior blogger i believe that we should at least have to submit 2-4 submissions a month. As a JB your readers are expecting and excited to hear what you have to say each month. If your school and family has to come first and requires more of your time than i would say that person should maybe resign as a junior blogger and just submit when general submissions open. Again i understand what your saying


  28. I think the JBs should submit at least twice a month. If we are JBs we should dedicate ourselves to GHC. But if something happens, we should inform LeadMare so she can give us some leeway. If its a death like Violet Inkpen mentioned, I think its okay if you don’t submit for a month, maybe two. But only if something major has happened. Other than that, I think JBs should submit twice a month.


  29. congrats everyone for getting the positions. :-)

  30. Thanks for the congrats, guys!

    As far as becoming/remaining a JB, I pretty much agree with HorseFeathers. Any blog at GHC is only published because it is a of a high quality of writing. JB’s are writers who write exceptionally well AND on a regular basis. For me, that means at least once per month. I stepped down from the role of JB because I knew I couldn’t make that commitment. Really, Guest Blogger and Junior Blogger are just titles. The important thing is WHAT you write.

    Also, don’t forget the Junior Bloggers are here to BLOG. Blogs in themselves don’t have to be exceptionally long. Honestly, I believe it takes longer to craft a good fictional story than it does an informative blog, and Bloggers don’t have to write fiction. Most do, albeit, but it isn’t a requirement. Just some food for thought. :)

    Cheers everybody!

  31. uum hw do we try out for the juniour editor positian????

  32. I agree that life can get in the way though, and when it does everything just goes haywire. These times I think can be excused. But generally, Junior Bloggers are given their title because of the quality of their writing, their commitment and dedication. Although in the end it is only just a title, being a Junior Blogger means that you are expected to contribute frequently. It seems fair to give JB positions to those who work hard and do their best to write as often as possible so I think that once a month is reasonable.

    I find that even a short poem takes at least two days of brainstorming, writing, re-checking and editing until it is ready to be published. My English teacher says that famous poets go through at least six versions of one poem before they’re anywhere near satisfied. There’s also horrible writer’s blocks, but in the end I find that if I revisit my love for horses there is the seed of a new blog, story or poem waiting for the right time to sprout.

  33. Peanut the JE postions are filled they have been since the 27th :-)

  34. How ya girls doin with the JE jobs? Is it super fantabulous to be Junior Editors ;-) I bet LeadMare keeps you busy :-)

  35. I cannot wait for the general submissions to open. =] Are any of you girlies planning on submitting?

  36. If some entries from the general submissions get selected, when will they be posted? And how will the person know that their entry has been selected?

  37. Claire-In the guidelines it said they can’t inform you that your story will be posted you have to keep checking back. And it saids it could take a couple days or up to a couple weeks to show up on the publishing calender.

    Michelle- yeah I plan to submit! I can’t wait!! :-)

  38. Thanks for asking that question, Claire. I’d been wanting to ask but i’ve been so busy the past few days…loads of homework…yuck.

  39. I am planning to submit my story, but I’m not sure how many words long it is supposed to be.

  40. husky+horsegirl13 – I don’t really think there is a limit to words. At least it saids nothing in the guidlines :-) lol.

  41. in the guidlines it saids you can’t submit infinished work. My story is finished, but some might think it isn’t. You know those stories where the author leaves the reader thinking and imagining the ending? Well thats like my storyy. Is that OK?

  42. I meant unfinished not infinshed. :-) lol.

  43. So what happens to the JBs who haven’t submitted anything for a couple months? What if the poll comes to several times a month that JB’s have 2 submit??? I noticed Ginger hasn’t submitted for 2 months.

  44. Jonannah: They should be fine, but I think you should write “The End” after it so the readers know it’s supposed to leave them thinking and it’s not unfinished.

    Girls Horse Club values quality over quantity, but there’s no limit to how much you can submit :)

  45. Jonannah- As for right now JBs still have leave for not submitting anything for awhile… like Leadmare said School and family come first and sometimes JBs need another break. The roster currently has 10 JBs and the usual count is 15 so as soon as another little filly gets 4 blogs posted she’ll be considered for the JB position. All you have to worry about right now is submitting some awesome blogs that will catch the interest of your readers.


  46. HF, thanks for responding. With the exception of the timeframe you came onto the roster, it has always been limited to 10. I have not decided if it will go beyond that. As you point out, we’re about real life over virtual life, and (as Madelaina points out) quality over quantity, so we’ll see how it goes after a few months of having an expanded editorial team and periodic open submissions.

    Thanks for your opinions about how often JBs should contribute. When the requirements for and status of the JB roster is decided, y’all will know. Beyond that I won’t give specifics. Same holds true for the status of the Grand Prix thingy. Thanks for your interest and patience.

    Speaking of patience, aspiring JBs should know that beyond talent, patience is one of the most important qualities to have (true for horse riding too!). Becoming a JB could take months and there will be strong competition…

    Last but definitely not least, the submission form link is posted on the upper right under the submission guides. Good luck!

    *trots aside to avoid the stampede*

  47. Oh my word! guess what!! I just got Alison Hart to do an interview with us!!! So can you please help me set up a date to start LeadMare? I hope ya’all will want to do this! Alison Hart is willing and excited to do this and I hope you’ll say yes!! :-)

  48. That’s a good thought Jonannah. I’ll keep it in mind for the future. The GHC team is full to capacity right now so I’m not taking on any additional activities until I feel the time is right. Adult authors who are interested in being featured at GHC are very welcome to contact us directly, but our priority is always the ‘junior’ authors. Thanks!

  49. I saw that you’ve had interviews with horsey people before. Wouldn’t the interview be featured in the blog? Aren’t you accepting blog submissions?

  50. Jonannah, past Interactive Views have been arranged and hosted by GHC staff. Since submissions just opened today, we’re quite busy keeping up with all the junior authors so I want set clear expectations.

    If you can be patient, then ask Alison Hart to contact GHC at the email below to confirm her interest and availability. From there we’ll look for a future opening on the calendar and make all the arrangements, then will contact you to write the intro since you took the initiative on this. She’s a talented lady and I’m sure everyone would be interested in asking her questions.

    To everyone, it’s a good thing Jonannah brought this up because it needs to be clarified. Given the behind-the-scenes resources required to arrange and host Interactive Views, that activity has been removed from the blog submission guide. Instead we’ll consider suggestions for ‘special horsey guests’ who are willing to answer questions for our readers. Thanks for your understanding.

  51. Thanks for answering LeadMare! i was a little confused on the whole subject :-) OK I’ll tell her that!!

  52. Leadmare, I have a question. I submitted a poem, but when I clicked “Send” the application merely reset itself. Is this normal? Or is it just my computer acting up?

  53. Michelle, your submission arrived (as did many others) and the form is now fixed so it’s more clear that the submission went through. Thanks for letting me know about that.

  54. LeadMare, the poll you put up says choose up to three, but it doesn’t allow me to choose three, is says choose 1. Why’s that? Thanks.


  55. I feel so bad!! i keep on submitting stuff! It just makes more work for Julia and Madelaina. Hopefully some of it gets published. :-)

  56. Jonannah: Being inspired is a good thing, plus, it’s an honour to be able to help edit submissions :) Don’t ever feel bad about submitting your no-doubt amazing work!

  57. I just realized that half of my stuff was submitted with my real name and the other half with Jonannah. Is that a bad thing or is that OK?

  58. Jonannah, like Madelaina said, don’t ever feel bad for submitting anything! We volunteered to edit the work, and love to read what you write anyway, so it’s a win-win. As a general safety concern here and any other online site, don’t use your real full name. Just a first name is fine, otherwise use your pen name.

  59. Great job!I hope to be a JE soon or in the future.

  60. Hey Leadmare. i know I saw you post that we can update our bio’s somehow, but I forgot how we were supposed to. The main thing I want to change is that I’m 13, not 11. :P

  61. Stargazer, your age has been updated. If there’s anything else you want to change just send it in an email. Thanks!

  62. Oh no! I just realised all the work I’m causing with my thousands of submissions! Soooooo sorry Leadmare and JE’s