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Mitzy The Mountain Goat?

Published by • Jun 22nd, 2016 • Category: Non-Fiction

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by PreciousAndMe, age 13

Hello horse girls! I know the title must sound ridiculously weird, but it will all make sense in a minute…

Firstly, let me explain a few things. Mitzy is a dappled grey mare at my riding school, and I hadn’t ridden her up until this point. Now, my riding school is situated on a huge hill, so there are lots of steep and potentially dangerous areas due to this.

We were on a hack. The day was lovely and it was my first time riding Mitzy. Last time I had seen her, she had been ridden by my sister and had been lovely. But this time was another story.

That morning, I had lost my riding clothes. Gone, vanished. So I had to leave without my gloves. Now, as it turned out, Mitzy was having a head tossing problem that day and kept trying to rip the reins out of my hands.

The hack was going perfectly fine (minus a few bumps in the road) when we got near a hill bit. So, let me explain. There’s the main path but also an upward ascent to a paddock. There is a way from the main path to get to the paddock (the way we weren’t going) but Mitzy decided that we were going for a mountain climbing expedition. It’s safe to say that I was thoroughly surprised.

It got even worse when we came to a downhill slope. There were two sides; the less steep side and the incredibly steep side. I did everything I could to direct Mitzy to the less steep side, using every aid, but she just didn’t want to listen. Mitzy turned and headed straight for the really steep side!

I leaned back like you should, but that didn’t stop my stomach dropping, or my heart to pound twice as fast. I felt like I would fall and end up rolling down the hill. But I was safe. Mitzy, though, took it all in her stride.

What an adventure, huh? Mitzy is truly a Mountain Goat at heart, wanting to climb any mountain or hill in her sight. Even if that means giving me quite a shock as I cling on with all my might!

Keep on riding (and try not to go mountain climbing!)

PAM xx





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  1. love the blog! Mitzy sounds like a horse at my barn.Cavalier is his name. i was riding him on the trail a couple weeks ago and he kept veering towards the side of the road towards this huge hill.He wouldn’t listen for anything.

  2. This was fun! I loved reading! Mitzy definitely sounds like somewhat of a trouble maker ;)

  3. mitzy is SO cute!

  4. Cute!

  5. Fun story! :D @Rey My mare is probably the biggest trouble maker around. When we had to wean her from Koboz, her yearling colt, at every ride she would go normally until we arrive at a big hill, where she would suddenly turn around and canter downhill :D