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Muck the Book Pile

Published by • Aug 17th, 2008 • Category: Competitions & Giveaways

The Muck the Book Pile giveaway is closed to entries. The winners will be announced on the GHC blog by September 6th. Thanks for participating!

Are you ready for the first of our Muck the Gift Pile giveaways? For this one, get out your lucky horseshoe because luck is all it takes to win. Please read below for details about the prizes (these books are much sweeter than the stuff we muck from our horse’s stall), how to enter, and giveaway rules. Have fun, and may the horseshoe be with you!

The Prizes

Book Pile #1BOOK PILE #1 includes books 1 through 3 of the Lucky Foot series — Lady’s Big Surprise, Star of Wonder, and A Star Discovered — featuring the adventures of two ‘epic’ friends Mary and Jody. The Lucky Foot series is written by JoAnn S. Dawson, an interesting woman who runs a bed and breakfast in Maryland that offers riding lessons, trail rides and a summer camp for children. She’s also an actress who has appeared in some well-known movies. I have not read these books, but they’re written for ages 9-12 and from what I’ve seen are also appropriate for a parent to read to a younger child.

Book Pile #2BOOK PILE #2 includes three books I loved SO much I want to pass them along to someone who hasn’t read them. First is Wind Rider by Susan Williams (click here for the GHC review). Great story. I’m also a fan of the Horsemistress Saga by Toby Bishop. The first two books Airs Beneath the Moon (click here for the GHC review) and Airs and Graces (GHC review here) complete this pile. These books are most appropriate for young adults (13+) as some of the themes may be troubling for younger readers. Older adults may enjoy them too (obviously I have). I think they’re great books for horse-crazy moms and daughters to read together.

Book Pile #3BOOK PILE #3 is a small sampling of the many books authored by our friend Terri Farley, a regular GHC visitor for the last two summers. Included is book 24 of the original Phantom Stallion series titled Run Away Home. I’m not positive about this, but I think it may be the last book in the series (to the sadness of many). Also included is The Horse Charmer, book 1 of the Wild Horse Island series, an extension of the Phantom Stallion books set in Hawaii and featuring a new cast of characters. Currently the Wild Horse Island series has 8 books, with more on the way. These stories are written for ages 9-12.

Book Pile #4BOOK PILE #4 includes Sundancer and Abby Malone, 2 books written by Shelley Petersen, a Canadian author who visited our virtual barn last summer. Like JoAnn Dawson, Ms. Peterson had a successful acting career prior to becoming an author. In Abby Malone, she tells the story of a girl who overcomes many challenges to realize her dreams. Sundancer is about a troubled horse befriended by a 13 year-old girl who is able to communicate with him, even though she’s not able to communicate with humans. Both books are written for age 9-12.

Book Pile #5BOOK PILE #5 is a potpourri of horse books. First is book 49 of the Thoroughbred series titled Rising Star. This is an older series written by ‘Joanna Campbell’. According to Wikipedia, the real Joanna Campbell stopped writing after book 14. The series continued with ghost writers using her name until it ended in 2005. The next book is Hoofbeats of Danger, an American Girl History Mystery set during the Pony Express days. Last is Great Spirit Horse written by Native American author Linda Little Wolf and based on Plains Indian folklore that has been passed down for generations. I met the author years ago at a horse show and she gave me this signed copy (hopefully the winner won’t mind the autograph with someone else’s name… ;).


Submit a comment telling us the title of your all-time favorite horse book, something special about the story, and your top 3 choices (in order of preference) from the list above. For example: National Velvet is my favorite horse book. I used to dream that I was Velvet. I hope to win either #2, #3, or #1.

IMPORTANT: Please don’t enter unless you’ve checked with a parent to make sure it’s OK. Any information provided by winners is kept private. Click here to read the GHC Privacy Policy.


  1. Comments will close sometime after 5:00pm pacific time on SUNDAY AUGUST 31st.
  2. Only one entry per person.
  3. Five (5) winners will be selected randomly and announced on the GHC blog by September 6th.

THANKS for your help mucking the book pile!

25 Nickers »

  1. The best horse book I ever read was The God of Animals by Aryn Kyle. I loved it because I could relate to the characters, especially because both of the young girls in that story were not natural riders like you read about in so many other books. If I win, I would like to recieve #2.

    Good luck everyone. :D

  2. The best horse book I have ever read was Airs Beneath the Moon by Toby Bishop. This story inspired me to try hard no matter what the odds. If I win I would like to recieve #4 , #5, and # 2.

    This is a great idea LeadMare! LOVE IT!

  3. I always loved Black Beauty. I know that’s not a real thought provoking reply, but I really did enjoy it. My grandma had a horse when I was growing up, and when she died before I was able to ride her I was heartbroken. Something about the love of that horse made me appreciate BB.

    If I had to pick my top three prize packs, in order, would be: #1, #3, or #4. Thanks

  4. The best horse book I ever read was Phantom Stallion: The Wild One written by Terri Farley. I just fell in love with the way that it was written, the characters, and the horses. The personality of one horse reminded me of this one horse, Star, that I use to ride. He was old, and had a very bad case of arthritis. The last day I saw him was when I had first learned to canter. He made me feel so strong, so happy, and confident. Kind of like how when Sam (this is the main character in Phantom Stallion…) came back from living with her aunt after her bad fall from a horse, and when she rode Ace, he made Sam feel more safe and comfortable.

    It was a sad day when Star retired and entered his last months.

    If I win, I would like to recieve:

    Top Choice: #5
    2nd Choice: #4
    3rd Choice: #3

    Thanks, LeadMare!

  5. This is a bittersweet situation for me. The bitter part is my parents are unwilling for me to share any personal details on the internet, so I won’t be eligible to enter, win or anything. However, the sweet part is that they’ve agreed to buy me horse books if I find one suitable. Nonetheless I can’t deny this is a really fun idea, so am I still allowed to share my favourite horse book with everyone?

    To everyone entering, good luck! Thanks LeadMare for these fun activities.

  6. My fave horse book is Jill and the Runaway. It is very old, published before my parents were born, but it is brilliant. All the books in the series teach you about something. In this book, a local “farmer” is selling ponies to slaughter houses, and a strange little girl kidnaps three of them, with Jill’s help. It is a really good book, and I could relate to Dinah (the girl) because she wasn’t allowed to ride, although she was a lot braver than me.
    If I win, I would like 4, 1 or 5. Thanks!

  7. My favorite horse book has always been Black Beauty. It always makes me cry to read it, but it has a really good message. I’d love to win #5, 2, or 1.

  8. My favorite horse book of all time was Winnie The Horse Gentler, book 1. Catman ROX! If I won, I would like to get The Phantom Stallion Book 24.

  9. Madelaina, of course you can share your favorite horse book. I’ll know not to include your entry when winners are chosen. Hope you find a great horse book for yourself!

  10. My favorite horse book of all time is Shadow Horse. The main character was used to fancy, expensive horses and she discovered that all horses are wonderful. If I win, I would love to get Phantom Stallion 11.

  11. horsewhispers, thanks for entering the giveaway. Unfortunately Phantom Stallion 11 is not among the offerings. Please see the list above and let us know if you have other choices.

  12. Thanks very much LeadMare.

    Like Rebekah C and Lynette Mejia, Black Beauty had always held a special place in my heart. Having watched the movie when I was young and reading the book, I have fallen in love with the whole concept of showing readers life through a horse’s eyes. I believe Anna Sewell has told an inspiring story that asks people to give horses the respect they deserve.

  13. My favourite horse book of all time is Heartland: Coming Home by Lauren Brooke. I’ve always loved the saying that Marion Fleming used – ‘By healing horses, we heal ourselves,’ which is true in many ways. Even though I’ve never ‘healed’ a horse, I understand what is meant by it. Healing a horse means making peace with yourself and the others around you.
    I could also relate to the loss Amy suffered when her mother died. I still have my mother, but my cousins lost their mum and that affected me hugely too. But the way Amy recovered and still looked after the horses with her mother’s spirit amazed me – it really shows how much stronger we are than we actually think.

    If I win, I would like:

    1st Choice: #4
    2nd Choice: #3
    3rd Choice: #1

  14. Hi!
    My all time favorite horse book is Sobekkare’s Revenge by Angela Dorsey.
    I love it because I was going through some really hard times when I first read it. Just around this time my horse died and we had to move for my dad’s job. My friend let me borrow this book- and it was a great book about fantasy and horses. Reading this book I found out how great fantasy was and how much I loved it- so when my horse died I had something to fall back on. Fantasy. Then I started writing fantasy stories.

    Top choice:#2, I’d love this one the most!
    2nd choice:#3
    3rd choice:#5

  15. Oh, I read Winnie the Horse Gentler too Jeanna Briggs!
    I agree with you. Catman DOES rock!

  16. My Favorite horse book of all times is To Race a Dream by Deborah Savage. My favorite part was when Theodora found out the owner of the horse named Dan Patch, allowed her to exercise him even though he knew she was a girl.

    1st Choice:2

    2nd Choice:3

    3rd Choice:5

  17. I’m not entering the contest, just writing to say what a TOTALLY COOL book collection you have! Horse girls rock!

  18. My Favorite horse book of all time is probably Misty of Chincoteague, because we went to Assateague and got to see the wild ponies. I really like when Paul Beebe lets the Phantom free.
    1st choice:#2
    2nd choice:#4
    3rd choice:#3


    My favorite horse book is still Shadow Horse. If I won, my first choice would be book pile #3, then #5, #4, #1, #2

  20. My favourite horse book is Sundancer because it just felt so true. I just Love that book!! If i won wich i hope i do:)

    My first #4
    2nd choice #3
    3nd choice #2

  21. I loved Black Beauty as a child, and kept all my childhood books for my daughter. She is learning to read, and going into first grade next week-I try to stress to her the importance of reading.

    I’d like: First Choice #1, then #4 and #5


  22. My favorite horse book is Horsefeathers- All the Kings Horses.
    I like it because the friends in the book learn that when they get along and work together, great things are accomplished. Also, there is a boy who is losing his hair to cancer. He is too embarrassed to tell the others. However, during a horse show, the end requires him to throw off his hat with three other boys. When the moment came, the other boys threw off their hats and showed bald heads. They had shaved their heads so the other boy would not be embarrassed. He had tears in his eyes as he flung off his hat.

    My picks-
    First, # 5, then #1, then #4.

  23. My favorite Horse book of all time is Black Beauty. Yes, it is a classic and all, but it inspired me. It help me find out about life through a horse’s eyes. It makes me look at the world through different eyes ever since I read it. It also helped raise awareness against horse abuse. I love that book because it definatlly tells a true story for one horse.

    My Picks-
    First Choice-#3, Second choice- #4 and Finally #2

    Thank you for this oppertunity

  24. my faveourite book is
    chestnut hill making strides because i love the way malory makes a strong bond with tybalt. i hope to make a bond like that with my own horse when i get one =]

    my choices =]

    =] thanks [=


  25. The all time BEST horse book is Shadow Horse, by Alison Hart. It’s about a girl who faces criminal charges for attacking the man who killed her horse. But in the end she finds out it wasn’t her horse, it was a look-a-like, and the man did it to collect insurance money plus the profit of sale. It really is a great book. And if I win my choices (in order) are #3, #1, #4.