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My Angel

Published by • Jul 30th, 2008 • Category: International Horse

by Stargazer, age 11

About a year ago, the farm I had been riding at for nearly five years closed. Before it closed, I had been riding a wonderful mare named Sassy and we were perfect together. After the farm closed, Sassy’s owner moved her to a “stable” with five barns meant for cart racing horses. This stable had a limestone track with a grassy infield, a small lunging ring with no grass, and a huge arena. The only problem was, the arena usually had bad footing and there was no place to put your horse out to graze. This caused some problems with Sassy, who became a stubborn, unhappy horse. I had many adventures that summer, and though I had a tough time with Sassy, I became a much better rider.

That summer, I got to ride several days a week. Sassy had other riders too, most of which were little kids just beginning to ride. Usually, this is what happened: I would ride Sassy out in the infield or around the track, taking my time grooming and tacking her up beforehand. Then, when we got to the track or infield, Sassy would try her hardest to get grass, which she never did when she was on pasture. I could have brought her through this had I been the only one riding her. Every day I would get her behaving, but since the beginners let her get away with grazing, the next day I would have to show her to behave all over again.

The things she did to get grass were crazy. If we were jumping, she would stop right after the jump, put her head down, and graze. In the arena, she would stop on the edge of the rail and eat the grass on the outside of the arena. She put her head down walking around, and one time when I worked hard enough yanking so she couldn’t get grass, she lay down and started to graze! If I ever forgot to wear gloves, my hands would be rubbed raw.

Sometimes, she was worse. One time when she didn’t get any grass, she bolted. You see, there was a fence around the track, and gaps right in front of the barns. She bolted toward the gap at the edge of our barn, only toward the edge of the fence. Then, as soon as I thought she was going to try and jump it, she swerved and galloped through the gap! I managed to stay on without my stirrups, thanks to a load of no stirrup work and bareback riding, but we weren’t through yet. Someone was leading a horse up ahead and she swerved around him too! Gripping hard with my thighs, I hung on when she passed the barn and made a sharp turn around, then galloped into the barn aisle where she was kept, and stopped. My heart was pounding, but I changed her bit and rode her back out.

She wasn’t always like this, though. Sometimes she was an angel for me and we had fun jumping huge oxers and other jumps. On these days, she treated me to the ride of my life.

My story with Sassy ended when she bucked a little kid off. Her owner tried to sell her, but failed. Then, her owner moved her out to a farm very far away where she could have full time pasture. The only problem was, it was too far away for me to ride her. Eventually her owner did sell her to an experienced rider, and Sassy is very happy now. Her new owner loves her, and she is behaving like an angel.

But I still dream of one day having my long lost angel come flying back to me.

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  1. That is an amazing blog!
    How i would love to ride Sassy on her good days.
    I hope some day you’ll get to see her, once again.

  2. I am glad Sassy is happy!
    Too bad they had to sell her..
    I also hope you will see her again.

  3. As an advanced rider myself, my lesson gets the lesson horses that have serious attitude problems. We get them moving so nicely. Than beginners get on and its all lost. *sigh*. Great blog though.

  4. Wow, how tiring it must be to work so hard again and again! I’m very glad Sassy has gone to a good home, and that you’ve told her story to us. Excellent writing as well. I felt I was travelling with you and Sassy all the way through :)

  5. Incredible, simply incredible! I loved this blog! Horses will take us through it won’t they! People who love them usually have to be stubborn!

    This was incredible to read, and although it had a reletivley sad ending, I very much enjoyed it! Stargazer, you are quite the writer. I could practically feel your heart racing when Sassy swerved! Good job!
    I can’t wait to read more of your horse tails (or tales!)