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Published by • May 21st, 2016 • Category: Picture This

Model Horse Collection
by Carey Anne, age 12

This is my horse model collection. I started to collect horse models about two tears ago. Do any of ya’ll collect horse models?

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  1. I do! :) I have about 6 of them.

  2. Yes I collect. I have a bout 25 :)

  3. Yeah, but I certainly can’t beat Sierra. I have only about seven or eight.

  4. I do but i only have 5

  5. mine are mostly ones i got at hobby lobby a store were i live with coupons so they were only like 2 dollars and i have been collecting for about 2 years. i only have 4 briers. too expensive lol. for every horse i have ever wanted(which is a lot) i have a model horse lol

  6. by the way have any of ya’ll ever read the thoroughbred books by joanna campbell?

  7. I love the thoroughbred books they are my fave animal series thank yall so much

  8. @Carey Anne I have the same black horse with that white patch from the withers down :D It is the middle left horse on the pic
    I have about 10 or 11 horses… but their manes keep falling off XD I can’t glue them back on properly

  9. @Sugerpony that’s awesome you should try to find Gorilla glue or a craft bond they might work well

  10. I like to collect Breyer horses! The first one I got was a gift for my first horse show! I still have it in the box!

  11. Yes! I do. I have like….idk. A lot:)

  12. Hai! I have far too many Schleich’s. Like, a huge box of them! Yay, model horsies.
    PAM :)

  13. Nothin better than schleich! so realistic .

  14. hay I just realized that I said two tears ago when I should have said two years ago.

  15. In my collection I have about 40?? I got to 30 and I stopped counting. And I just guessed about how much it would be with adding the ones that I didn’t count. My favorite are the Breyer! They are sooo realistic! In second place is Schleich;they’re pretty realistic too. :)