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My Little Brother

Published by • May 10th, 2015 • Category: Fiction

by WhinnyLove, age 11

“Crystal! Get yourself down here! I need to speak with you!” My ears flicked uneasily at the angry voice.

“Yes, sir,” I whinnied back. I carefully chose my footing along the steep hill. I was fairly soon off of it, and with a sigh of relief I galloped toward the voice. I halted in front of the lead stallion, Umbra. I bowed to him, my long, silver mane falling over my legs.

“Rise,” he said. I did. I shook the mane from my eyes to look at those big, beautiful, green eyes.

It’s strange for horses to have green eyes, but we were a special herd. We used to own everything, until the other horses came and took most of our territory. Many of our previous leaders died in battle. Umbra was young, and was accounted lead stallion when he was barely four years old.

I turned my head from my leader to get out of the trance. As I turned back, he had a glimmer in his eyes that told me he wasn’t mad. “Come with me, I have something to show you!” he said.

I followed reluctantly, yet curious as ever. As we trotted over to the shade of an oak tree (where it seems my mother was laying) I noticed some of the mares whispering excitedly about some “new foal.” I slowed to a walk, and turned my ears in their direction to hear what they were speaking about.

“Yes, that’s right! He is to become the next leader! I heard Umbra say it himself!” said a small and rather plump mare as she chewed on a daisy.

“I wonder what his name shall be!” said another, thoughtfully.

I turned my head, knowing I shouldn’t be listening, but I couldn’t help it. I shook my head and trotted quickly across to the oak.

My mother, Bluegrass, was busy licking something small sitting next to her. I noticed whatever it was it was black in color with white on all feet. I walked up and started sniffing it. It’s head turned around quickly, causing it’s floppy ears to wobble. A pair of dark brown eyes stared back at me. Well, I thought to myself, this must be the new foal! I looked questioningly at mom, she nodded her head at Umbra, who looked at me then walked off.

“Crystal,” she said, in her smooth as honey voice, “this is your little brother, Frost.”

Baby Brother

Frost looked at me again, and seemingly curious, tugged at a loose mane hair that was hanging over my ear. I nickered and muzzled him away. He tried to stand up and nearly fell, but it seemed his strong legs could hold him. He took one step, then another, ’till finally he came to me. I saw him straining to nuzzle me, so I bent my neck slightly. He was so cute! I loved him right then and there.

And before I knew what was happening, all the mares, including my mom, gathered around us both, saying things to each other like, “Aww, he knows his sister!”

“They look like a great team!”

“You must be proud to have a little brother as cute as that!”

I was. And I strutted around, feeling like a lead mare for the rest of the day.

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