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Naughty Colt

Published by • May 6th, 2016 • Category: Picture This


by SugarPony, age 13

This is Koboz, my 10 month-old frisky and naughty colt.  He is still shedding off his winter fur like crazy.

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  1. OMG cuteness over load lol

  2. Hi SugarPony! Koboz is super CUTE!!! He looks so sweet and friendly and wonderful. I like his coat, though. What a naughty colt! What breed is he?

  3. Awww!!! <3 He's adorable!

  4. @Athena Christy Unfortunately I don’t know what breed is his mom or dad, so Koboz is a total mix of breeds. :( But he is big and silly like other colts his age… he thinks he is the big boss sometimes :D

  5. @sierra @Lopin’Livi Yes he is definitely a cuteness overload.

  6. Is he naughty when you ride him or is he naughty at the stabes?LOVE him,He is SO cute!

  7. Cute! You’re so lucky to have your own horse!

  8. Awwww he’s really cute!!! Even if he is still shedding his winter coat!

  9. @Anita He is only 10 months old. I’m not going to break him into riding until he’s two years old… don’t wanna hurt his little back
    @bluehorse Oh yeah especially with his very spunky and frisky mom :D

  10. omg he is so cute that is a adorable picture.

  11. His eyes are so dark and so adorable! He is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. he is so adorable!!

  13. Thanks everyone!

  14. you are so lucky sugar pony! kobaz is to die for lol

  15. sierra :D Except for the fact when he runs around nipping and chasing everything he sees XD But yes, he is a super sweet colt.

  16. Awe…He’s so cute! I wish I had a horse!! :)