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Need Something Fun To Do?

Published by • Apr 28th, 2009 • Category: Arts & Crafts

by Violet Inkpen, age 12

Sometimes life can be…well dull. But there is always something fun and horsey to do!

One thing you can do (if your parents let you) is take a plain white t-shirt and draw a horse on it. Then get out some paint and design your very own horse! A purple horse, a blue horse, or a normal horse! It doesn’t matter, as long as you make it your very own! You can also use this idea on a pillow case to sleep on a horse.

Horse Treats: Another fun-filled activity is shaping horse cookies. You can bake up gingerbread or any kind of cookie and shape the dough like horses OR you could shape a pancake! Try it!

Other fun things: If you have one of those big stuffed horses that are big enough to be a pillow you could take a shirt or night gown with a hole in it and start cutting. Be sure it is OLD and your parents give you permission! I cut up a long strip from the bottom that went around and around until I had a long, thick piece. Then I made a halter for my foal with a lead rope! You can also make blankets, boots, and many other great things.

Something else you might try is buying a kit to paint your own model horses, or if you have a recipe for clay, make up a batch and try to sculpt a horse! It can be fun to think up games with horses; maybe ride your bike with some friends and pretend you are racing horses. Who will win?

Game: If you like drawing you can make up your very own collector’s cards and have your friends make them too! You can then get together and trade your cards to build an amazing herd. Try it!

It can be so much fun to design and creat fun and fantastic horse things for you and your friends!

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  1. ooo you sparked another idea in my head Violiet! I think maybe in the future it would be neat to start a “cooking” channel where we share horse treat recipes and even diff recipes for horse girls! =0) What y’all think? Champion blog by the way

  2. That’s great HF!

  3. Cool ideas! You could also sew a stuffed horse, or sew your own bag to horse your horse equipment. Or, plan a horsey party, themed with horsey party plans! There are so many things to do! I’m starting a business based on horsey things as well!

  4. You are STUFFED with good ideas HorseFeathers. Violet Inkpen, I love all of your blogs, and they give me great ideas on things to do when life gets boring. I hope you’ll write more blogs like this!

  5. Rachel, I’ll write as many as I can! I love to share my ideas! Horsey@heart, those are all cool too!

  6. You know these all sound like good ways to make money for summer camps. We have festivals sometimes in my town, and with this stuff you could sell horse things in your booth!

  7. Yes, that is an idea Allison! So long as your own room is decoraited with them. :)

  8. great info violet inkpen oh and everybody here the reason why i have not been here for a LONG WHIle its because my computer got mest up.

  9. Great ideas.I get bored a lot (because I don’t have a horse).I think I will try some of those ideas.LD