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Never Ending

Published by • Mar 26th, 2010 • Category: March for Wild Horses, Poetry

Never Ending

by horsesincorporated, age 12

Be strong horse of the west
Your spirit is never ending
Blade nor spade can kill your spirit
No, not even the best
Let the wind blow
And horse haters know
Your spirit is never ending

Never treated fair in rights
That soon shall be no more
The saddle of justice
The cinch pulled tight
The fierce rain and wind
The cowgirl’s night
Be strong horse of the west
Your spirit is never ending

* * *

Image Source: BLM Photo Library

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  1. My first impression was – wow, this has such a powerful concept. The part where you mentioned “the saddle of justice” was plain genius. Fantastic poem!

  2. Words that describe best as possible how a spirit of the mustangs can never be broken! They will always live on, if not in freedom then at least in our hearts! NOTHING will ever replace or break that spirit. They will see it shine in our eyes and our hearts!



  4. Wow that was GREAT!!!!!!!! The whole poem was simply AMAZING! And I love your name, Horses Incorporated. This was awesome, so keep it up!!

  5. Very nicely stated. It’s a powerful poem, and really, it couldn’t have been said better! Awesome job, keep it up!


  6. I love it! It is very dynamic and important to the poem when you mention the saddle of justice. I think that it was a brilliant part of the poem, and I love this poem! I’d love to see more of your work on here, horsesincorporated. =D Write on!