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New Decade, New Direction

Published by • Feb 1st, 2010 • Category: GHC News

Dear Horse Girls,

I hope the new decade is off to a great start for you and your four-legged friends. In addition to rebuilding the Stables and dusting off stories from the Loft Book Club archives, I’ve been pondering the future of the GHC blog and have decided on some big changes, along with what’s next. So here goes…

After careful consideration, I’ve decided to discontinue the Junior Blogger program. There are many factors that went into this decision, but a primary reason is that having a “special status” was creating a dynamic where some girls felt left out and/or bad about themselves — as though they’re not “part of the club”. That’s no fun, and not what GHC is about.

This change is not a reflection of anything the JBs have done. In fact, they’ve done an amazing job keeping us entertained, informed, and inspired while showing support for guest writers. We truly value their contributions, and hope they’ll enjoy what the future holds.

Blog activities will shift from regular publishing of stories, poetry, blogs, and artwork to periodic events focused on a theme. For example, over the summer our big event was the 2009 Fiction Competition. In March we’ll host another event — the first ever March for Wild Horses to give back to the animals who inspire our work (like this poem by Julia). Stay tuned for details to come.

Generally, events will include an open submission period, and the submission guidelines will apply along with anything specific to the event.

Moving forward, comments will open during special events on the stories, poems, and blogs that are part of the event. The Ground Rules still apply.

I know change isn’t always fun, but the intent is to keep GHC fun for everyone and keep sponsoring events centered around our common love for horses. I hope you’ll stick around as the future unfolds.

If you have questions not addressed here, please use the email link below. I’ll keep this post updated with answers to frequently asked questions while gearing up for the next event.

Thanks for reading!



What happened to the Junior Blogger’s category? It’s been moved off the top menu, but is still available under the BLOG CHANNELS to your right in the side bar. In the coming weeks everything will be moved to the Junior Blogger archives.

Will GHC still have Junior Editors? Yes. Behind-the-scenes help will always be needed when we host special events. If you’re interested in being considered as a JE in the future, demonstrate your editorial skills by self-editing your comments and anything you submit during events.

Can you tell us anything about when submissions will open? Yes. As the main activity during March for Wild Horses, the tentative plan is to open submissions later this month for a new Int*l Horse — a mustang character who represents the story of many horses who are taken off US public lands and held until they’re adopted (or worse). In this case, the horse’s story would be relatively happy (being adopted for the GHC stables), but there’s plenty of opportunity for conflict leading up to that.

The submission guidelines will encourage writers to research what’s happening now, then create a fictional character based on fact. More details to come, but hopefully that’s enough to get your research fingers Googling and your creative brain cells sparking. (Hint: The links under “TAKE A STAND” on the right are a good place for information from organizations advocating for wild horses.)

(Last updated February 2, 2010)