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Nightmare: Chapter 1

Published by • Jan 16th, 2010 • Category: Fiction, Loft Book Club Favorites

by Findabhair Blacksgote, age 14

Fiala Jaeggar narrowed her eyes and turned her face to the wind. She was high in an alpine meadow, full of wildflowers. The breeze picked up her tresses of dark brown curls, begging them to come fly with the wind. Fiala shaded her eyes with both hands and peered across to the next field, listening to the birds singing.

A shiny blue-black thing had alighted in the far meadow. It was far too big for a bird, and no bird Fiala had heard of was metallic black.

She hesitated. Walking up to an unidentified giant black creature wasn’t very smart, but neither was it wise to not know if there was something dangerous around. Fiala looked around and headed off to the trees. She wasn’t going to march up to it; she’d sneak over and then decide how potentially dangerous it was.

Keeping herself hidden in the forest Fiala crept around, heading toward the far meadow. For a while the creature was hidden behind a small dip in the grass. When it reappeared she could tell that it had large wings, like a dragon’s, and four long legs ending in hooves. It’s back was turned and she couldn’t see it’s front end yet. It seemed to be lying down.

Fiala circled the field until she could see the creature from the side. It was a horse – of some kind. It had gigantic bat wings that were slightly translucent; they were raised to the sun and she could see the vague shapes of mountains and trees behind them. The horse’s body was a deep black, with a blue sheen. It’s mane and tail were dark navy blue, like the night sky in between the stars. It had a powerful body and an arched neck. It face wasn’t pretty; it had an almost straight profile and a long mouth. The eyes were huge and wide-spaced. Fiala couldn’t see any pupil; the entire eye was the same blue-black as the horse’s body.

So what was it?

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Editor’s Note: Nightmare was first published at GHC in the former Loft Book Club, and was a finalist in our monthly Judge for Yourself competition in January 2007.