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Nightmare: Chapter 6

Published by • Jan 18th, 2010 • Category: Fiction, Loft Book Club Favorites

by Findabhair Blacksgote, age 14

“What’s that?” Fiala frowned. She had never heard of one before.

“I’m about to tell you. Listen closely I don’t like repeating myself,” said Enya. “The Nighmares are what fly over sleeping people at night, sending bad dreams. They don’t mean to, it’s just what happens. And they only pass on bad dreams when they are flying over top of the house and when the moon isn’t shining. If the moon’s out, nothing happens. They are very solitary and rarely mix with humans, and humans — being so narrow-minded — rarely see them. I expect this one got separated from her herd.”

“Is there only one herd?” Fiala questioned.

“No, they are a whole breed unto themselves. I’m not sure of their exact numbers, but there is definitely more than one herd.”

Fiala combed her fingers through the Nightmare’s blue mane. “So what do we do with her?”

Enya sat contemplating for a while.

“Well, I suppose you go find someone who knows how to find the herds.”

“And where do I go?” Fiala demanded.

Enya laughed. “Shouldn’t you be worrying about what your father’s going to say to that before you plan on how to get there? Here he comes now, by the way.”

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Editor’s Note: Nightmare was first published at GHC in the former Loft Book Club, and was a finalist in our monthly Judge for Yourself competition in January 2007.