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Nightmare: Chapter 9

Published by • Jan 20th, 2010 • Category: Fiction, Loft Book Club Favorites

by Findabhair Blacksgote, age 14

Only fourteen people were sitting around the table, Enya among them. Melora went to sit beside Jan, but Fiala stayed with the Nightmare, unsure. The Nightmare studied the table then turned her head to the house. She breathed in deeply and lowered her muzzle to graze. Well at least she’s an herbivore, Fiala thought. She scratched the Nightmare’s withers and looked down. The villagers around the table were muttering in low voices.

Jan stood up. “Enya, would you please tell these good people what this thing is?” he requested.

Fiala could feel his unease, and the wariness in the eyes of the villagers. She listened while, for the third time, Enya recounted her knowledge of the Nightmares in her soft, assured voice. She came to the part about having to find someone who knew where the Nightmares lived, and kept going. Fiala paid special attention.

“You all know the city Stargate? I thought so.” Well, actually, Fiala didn’t know the city. So to make up for her ignorance, she processed every word Enya ennunciated.
“When I traveled through Stargate last, there was an academy that knew all about Nightmares, and I’m sure that someone there could help you.”

“So who goes then?” interrupted someone.

“I will,” Jan volunteered, “If Melora is comfortable running the inn while I’m away.”

Melora nodded demurely.

Three other people agreed to go. They still hadn’t realized Fiala was there, on the far side of the Nightmare, when one asked, “Who will control the creature?”

Fiala peeked over the Nightmare’s withers. “I can,” she announced.

They all jumped, even Jan, who glowered at her. “I suppose I can’t dissuade you from coming?”

Fiala shook her head resolutely. “No, you can’t.”

“Right then. We leave tomorrow. The sooner the better.” Jan decided. “You may take it back to the stables, Fiala.”

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Editor’s Note: Nightmare was first published at GHC in the former Loft Book Club, and was a finalist in our monthly Judge for Yourself competition in January 2007.