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No Saddle

Published by • Dec 2nd, 2014 • Category: Poetry, Tributes

by WhinnyLove, age 11

I see you in my dreams
No saddle or bridle
Dust flying behind you
Dancing away

When you gallop under the sun
Your coat shines brightly
Your hooves barely touching the ground
With your mane in the wind

Starting as a colt
Born in a grassy meadow
First standing
You start running

Moving on to a cunning young lead stallion
Galloping across the grass
Your shadow looming behind you
Chasing the wind

Next you grow old and grey
Sitting alone on the quiet hills
Taking your last breaths
Peacefully nearing death

Darkness surrounds you as the sun sets
I watch as your beauty takes one last shine
The sun making you gleam
I beam through my tears

Your last moment was quiet
Your head on my lap
I stroke your forehead
And comb your mane

I kiss your muzzle
And close my eyes
I whisper into your ears
“I love you, Sunrise.”

I close my eyes as you take your last breath
I cry silent tears
I love you, horses, and always shall
Free, most of all, with no saddle.

– – –

Dedicated to all of those girls who have witnessed the first and last breaths of some horses. Remember, their spirit will live forever in our heart, and no other horse will take their place.

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  1. Loved it! You are a great writer! My first horse was an 18 year old gelding named Sparky. He died a couple weeks after I got him due to his bad leg. I’m glad you wrote this poem, because it was amazing! Hope to read more of your writing! ~Rey

  2. Thank you so much WhinnyLove for this great poem, I loved it. I had a pony named Sally (she was actually my sisters pony, but when she grew out of her she got a bigger horse so I was the one that rode her) she was around 20 years old. And she died about three years ago, from being sick. She’s been on my family’s farm since I can remember. I miss her sooo much.

  3. That’s sad Catherine, I hope u find a new horse. Great poem WhinnyLove!

  4. Yeah. I thought I’d try something to see if it would get published, and I guess I’m better at peotry than writing stories. I don’t know. But, thanks for the kind comments, everyone! I’m so sorry for both of you, and I understand what it feels like to lose a furry friend. We had to put down our dog last year, because he got really sick. I was so upset that night I cried myself to sleep.

  5. That’s so sad! I emailed an owner of a horse I wanted and by the time they got the email they had already sold the horse(Scout) I was so sad because I wanted him so much! I cried myself to sleep too!

  6. Aww… That’s so sad! I feel bad for you. But, remember, always be glad that you at least had a chance to try and get it, because, I can’t even try to get a horse yet.

  7. Why not? Right now I’m wanting my own horse because my sister and I share a horse, and I’ve found 3 horses I like, but we probably can’t get them because of our house project.

  8. Oh! I read your ask GHC question. I don’t get why they grunt about it!

  9. I know! And I read ur comment, thank you!