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October 29th

Published by • Oct 29th, 2009 • Category: GHC News

Girls Horse ClubI LOVE FALL. I love the change to crisp days and cold nights — perfect for curling up by the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa and a good story. I love watching the trees change from green to orange, red and gold before shedding their leaves to the earth. I love seeing animals prepare for the change, their coats growing thick and fluffy. From my vantage point, the shifting seasons are Mother Nature’s way of gently and beautifully reminding us that life is all about change, where one season ends and a new one begins. I hope fall brings many good changes into your life!

Inspired by nature’s endings and beginnings, GHC has its own ebb and flow. Please read below for news about the changing seasons at GHC.


NOVEMBER SUBMISSIONS. In case you missed it in the News Nickers, please note that November general submission dates have changed. Guest writers can begin submitting blogs, fiction, and poetry this Sunday the 1st. The submission form will close the following Sunday, November 8th.

FICTION COMPETITION UPDATE. It’s taken a bit longer than expected to get all the prizes from our generous donors, but this past week I traveled to the other side of the country and personally picked up the last prizes — six copies of Black Beauty autographed by author and horse girl Sharon Lerner (and lucky me, I also got to spend several days riding with Sharon and her horse Coda in the colorful Connecticut countryside). So this weekend I’ll get everything boxed up and ready to ship. Winners, thank you for being so patient.

NOVEMBER INTERACTIVE VIEW. From November 9th through the 13th, we’re very fortunate to host author Alison Hart, who will be hanging around our virtual barn to answer your questions about horses and writing. If you’re not familiar with the format our our Interactive Views, click here to see what we’ve done previously. Special thanks to guest contributor Jonannah for initiating this event!

BEYOND NOVEMBER. When I decided to take on the 2009 Fiction Competition, I made myself a promise that once the competition ended I’d take some time off to gain perspective, clean house, and revisit priorities. We have some fun activities planned this month, but come December GHC will be winding down for a break. During the hiatus you can expect all comments and submissions will be closed. That’s all I can tell you right now, but as details are solidified I’ll let you know.

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  1. Cant wait to start the interview. And i agree Leadmare December and winter break will be a good time to take a gallop away from GHC.. although i cannot get enough of it. =0)

  2. will I still be able to try to be a JB despite the December break???? (try this November) And thanks for the update LeadMare!! And so absolutely everything is going to be closed??? No comments and no new stuff to read?

  3. I am gald you are getting a break, Lead Mare, but I must say, it will be lonely for me. I’ll just have to write as many stories as my computer can hold and flood you with them when is done with it’s break! I hope you can swim Lead Mare! LOL!

    I can’t wait for the interview either! You always learn so much!

  4. Yayfulness! Interactive View!!! I can hardly wait! And there’s so much to look forward to! The break will be great, even though after the first three days, I’ll be missing GHC. I’ll come e very day, even though I KNOW it’s break time. I always do that…lol :D

  5. I think December and winter break should be our “Get Real” month where we hang around real flesh and blood horses, or if we can’t we read and write about them.
    It could be our little ‘reality break’ were we get to grips with everything we missed and we catch up on everything that needs doing!

    Watcha think?

  6. It’ll be good to take a break and explore other sites. If any1 has ever made a gmail account, you’ll know that you can make a site on there. I know some1 who has made one about horses. I will def be on there talking w/my friends…I wonder where everyone else will go? I’m looking forward to this winter break for a wind down. November will be a busy month for GHC, and after that everyone will need and want a break. I just hope that submissions and GHC will be opened again by January or February. Till then, salutes from me!


  7. Sorry I haven’t been on in FOREVER. New school, riding, and field hockey took up all my time. :P But I’ll be back on daily again.

  8. I’m lovin’ the Halloween banner. :) Also, I was wondering if during the break there will be anything to edit? I would assume there wouldn’t be, but I want to be sure.

    Glad you had a good time in Connecticut — PA is also beautiful in the fall.

  9. WHOO HOO! This time I will definately try not to miss the submissions!

  10. Lucky you, LeadMare! It sounds like you had a fantastic time in Connecticut. You’re very dedicated to travel across the country to pick up some prizes – now that’s what I haven’t seen before! I’m very excited for the interactive view, whinnies to Jonannah for initiating it! It’s great to see a guest contributor putting in so much effort and showing such amazing writing talent at the same time. Breaks are always so silent, and I really miss the usual buzz of the herd and the new submissions being published. But it also gives me a time to look through old blogs, poems and stories and appreciate them a second time. It’s a bittersweet situation, but I think that LeadMare deserves a break :)

  11. Can’t wait to start the interview, I hope i’ll be there. Thanks for the update LeadMare! haha, a rhyme! lol
    BTW: I love the Halloween banner!

  12. Jonannah — Guest blogs published through November count toward JB eligibility if GHC begins accepting new JBs in the future. I don’t want to discourage anyone, but have tried to set realistic expectations by stating throughout the site (since before the break was announced) that the roster is currently closed.

    DianaLUV♥ — Great idea. Nothing compares to real horses and real conversations with horse girls in the real world.

    Julia — I don’t expect there will be anything to edit during the break, but will let you know if that changes. I hope to publish as much as possible in November so we clear out the queue and have a lot of great horse tales to read. All the editing help from you and Madelaina is HUGELY appreciated.

    Madelaina — The timing of my trip east happened to work out perfectly for picking up the prizes. I love it when that happens. :)

    Thanks for all the support. You’re a thoughtful and talented herd. I know those gifts will continue to flourish outside of GHC.

  13. i like your poam

  14. Thankyou Madelaina! I’m happy to do it and was excited to do the interactive veiw! :-) I can’t wait to submit more stuff and start asking Ms. Hart some questions!!! :-)

  15. You know what I mean. I’m was excited to initiate the interactive veiw!!! :-) lol.

  16. Have a nice December break, girls! :) I love the halloween horse banner!

  17. Oh, by the way LeadMare, is the GHC news blog still going to be updated sometimes after all the November hubbub?

  18. i love fall too leadmare, though i could do without winter…cant wait for the subbmissions to open again. :)

  19. Hey guys, I have something to say to everybody.

    I just want to say a huge thanks to you all. Everybody made me feel so at home here and so welcome when I arrived. I always find it hard to make friends, but with you guys it seemed easy. You were so generous and kind and you never once slagged me or laughed at what I said.
    You always posted on my blogs on poetry, no matter how bad or random they were.
    I could never ask for more. And right now, I feel that Girls Horse Club is my home. I don’t think I could be happier on any other horse website.
    You guys are the best.

    And a ginormous thank-you to Leadmare, or I would never have arrived here and gained confidence in my writing and horse skills.

  20. DianaLUV, im sure we’re all happy to have you here… i know i am! =0) We all try to lift each other up on here even if means helping with a little critic. Leadmare is a huge inspiration and i hope to be as humble and generous as her someday. I think it is champion that you live out of the states. I wish that we could be penpals… Leadmare is that at all possible? I know you like to keep information limited and i respect that, i was just wondering. =0) Happy Hallow’s Eve!


  21. DianaLUV♥, what a thoughtful sentiment. We’re happy to have an Irish girl in the herd.

    HorseFeathers, GHC does not have a pen pal feature, and exchanging email addresses is a violation of our privacy policy. There are pen pal sites on the web, but I can’t vouch for any of them and most are restricted to 13 and older for the same reason that GHC has a privacy policy — because it’s required by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

  22. husky+horsegirl3, not sure what you’re asking. Please clarify.

  23. DianaLuv you’re irish? I didn’t know that! That is so cool! I’m a quarter irish ;-) But i’m also a quarter italian.(the irish shines out more than the italian :-) ) But that is totally awesome. How long is the halloween banner supposed to stay up?

    And LeadMare i’m writing a series of short stories and the first one is sorta like a prologue to the series. Would that be OK?

  24. Umm… LeadMare? I just submitted a blog and it said it was flagged for spam… I didn’t write anything bad, so why? O.O

  25. Michelle, don’t worry about it. Your submission came through fine.

  26. *phew* Thanks, I was scared!

  27. I mean are you still going to keep the Girls Horse Club website updated on whatever’s going on and stuff? (hope I’m not being too confusing to you LeadMare lol)

  28. Jonannah, as long as a prologue is accompanied by the completed story or stories it will be considered for publication.

    husky+horsegirl3, yes, if there’s news to report while GHC is on hiatus I’ll be sure to let everyone know. Thanks for clarifying.

  29. Hey LeadMare I was exploring the site a little more and I noticed a blog by one of the girls and it was about the JBs. And she said there is 15 Jbs on the roster. Did you switch that up or something? Was it just too much to have 15? Hope you don’t mind me asking!!! :-)

    And Is there a limit to how many submissions you can submit. Cuz I’ve submitted 4 blogs, 1 poem, and a story. Is that too much? I want to know because I always feel like I’m submitting TOO much. Is it a problem, or what?

  30. I am excited about fall and the upcoming Interactive View, but I am so sad that the site will take a break soon. It’s probably best for everyone, though… :(

  31. Jonannah, it’s great that you’re finding some of the older blogs. Things are always changing around GHC (thus the theme of this update), and yes there were 15 JBs at one point. Then the roster closed to focus on the competition, some dropped off, and here we are today with the roster still closed and 9 JBs remaining.

    The submission guidelines have not changed — the quantity of submissions is not limited, but we’re looking for quality over quantity.

  32. Um, whats all this talk about becoming a JB about? How [and when] can a person become one?