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October 3rd

Published by • Oct 3rd, 2010 • Category: GHC News

Dear Horse Girls,

Welcome to fall (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway)! As you can see by the new blog banner, the season has officially changed at GHC and plans are in the works to host some events under the theme…

FALL IN LOVE WITH HORSES. If you’re hanging out at GHC, chances are you’re already a girl who loves horses. Or maybe you’re someone who’s curious about horses and wants to explore that curiosity. Or perhaps you’ve admired horses from afar, but (for whatever reason) have never taken the next step to interact with a real horse. If this describes you in any way, stick around to see what unfolds. And if you have an idea for an activity that fits the theme, post it in the comments or send an email to the address below.

HoneyBanditFALL IN LOVE WITH HONEYBANDIT. Have you been following the story of HoneyBandit, the mustang foal who was rescued by Palomino Armstrong from the Litchfield Corral at the BLM’s Twin Peaks roundup area? Terri Farley has been keeping us up to date on her blog since the rescue took place on September 2nd. Click here for the first update, then scroll through archives for September and October to follow the heartbreaking yet inspiring story of HoneyBandit and his two and four-legged angels.

FALL IN LOVE WITH HORSE GOODIES! As fall arrives it signals the coming of colder weather and more time spent hibernating indoors. For me, that triggers a need to “feather my nest” by clearing out the clutter that always seems to accumulate. For you, that means a giveaway! Yes, it’s time to find a good home for the books and other horse-themed goodies that arrive at my doorstep thanks to publishers, authors, and others who want GHCers to know about their product. Stay tuned for details.

Get ready for fall and Fall in LOVE with HORSES at Girls Horse Club!


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  1. i’ve been following honeybandit, & his story is soo sad!!

  2. YAY!! Horse goodies! And HoneyBandit looks adorable. I feel slightly guilty that I haven’t been following him… :(
    I’m off to research his story right now!! XD

  3. I love the new theme idea LeadMare! It was a wonderful experience reading up on HoneyBandit’s life as of the past few weeks and looking first-hand into a mustang rescue. I would honestly encourage everyone to follow his story.
    I can’t wait to see what this new season holds for GHC :)

  4. Wow! I’ll have to tell Palomino how HoneyBandit’s story has spread.
    Horse hugs to all,

  5. Horse goodies?! YAY! I’m looking forward to activities for “fall in love with horses”!

  6. Ive felt like i’ve been their for myself reading the blog posts from Ms. Farley and Ms. Palimino Armstrong. I cannot wait to see what you plan for GHC Leadmare. Let’s see how about a falltime photo competition or just fall time photos of your favorite horse. Well Haloween is coming up as well.. How about we have a scarry story entry time. Where of course it has to be incorportated with equine in a ghostly, erie type story. I love being spooked.. even though my horse friends don’t take kindly to it. Maybe that could be the teme “Being Spooked” or something. =)


  7. Beautiful banner, LeadMare! Might I say, HoneyBandit is adorable, my best wishes to the little foal! :)


  8. I’ll have to start following HoneyBandit. That makes three things to follow, GHC, Tj’s Spring Creek Mustangs, and now HoneyBandit.

    As for fall events, I like HorseFeathers’ ideas. What about stories that are about what horses did to make us love them, or why we love horses? Like in story form, but about real things.

  9. OMG I totally would LUV to do a scary horse story contest. Can we please do that?

  10. I am new to this club but not to horses…. but anyway I love the new banner and should start following HoneyBandit and the mustangs. Can’t wait to begin this experience!

  11. HorseFeather: I love how “Being Spooked” ties in with the naturally wary attitude of horses. Don’t know if that was intentional or not haha, or maybe sleep’s taking a toll on how I think.

    HorsesForever: Welcome to GHC! I hope you’ll have lots of fun being part of the herd :D

  12. Made- Yeah actualy that’s what I had in mind with “Being Spooked’ =) haha. I think it would make an interesting theme for this fall. And maybe if possible gals could take a photo to go along with their story… something spooky perhaps like an old creaky loft layered in cobwebs throughout the decades.

  13. oh thats cool. if we did that could we just get the pic off the internet? well actually i could take some spooky pics. there place that has gargoils behind these buildings. it’s weird

  14. You know Westerngirl.. stuff like that leads to awesome mystery and scarry stories. If i were you I would research gargoyals because the history behind them is quite unusual. Maybe you could write a story about an ancient barn.. that’s actualy made of stone and behind it within a creaky old celler that contrains 7 stony gargoyals all frozen in a mask of terrorfying features. Who put them there and why? Is there a mystery behind them and how could you use the help of the two gray mares that keep showing up at the barn and then disappear in the blink of an eye?

    just an idea! lol


  15. lol luv it. i never actually read on them. i’ll def look em up. theres also this place i go to every year in the summer. it used to be a mansion now used as a college dorm place. but it’s supposedly haunted by a child ghost, Gracie. A long time ago there was a fire and to avoid it she jumped out a window and died. You can go to the room where it happened and if u look up there are all like wierd pictures on the ceiling. and once my bro wa sin the bathroom and he was totaly alone. e heard the sink turn on and went out and noone was there.

  16. ooo wow a supposedly ‘haunted’ mansion.. that’s neat. The story is sad though… i think id rather jump though than being burned alive…. anywho i believe that hauntings are all fiction but they are fun to write about, especialy if they include horses!


  17. Well, it is a tradition that around Halloween Girls Horse Club becomes Ghouls Horse Club, so some spooky stories would be good. I’ll see what I can do to open submissions for a bit. Meanwhile, here are few to inspire your creativity…

    The Legend of Shadow
    Sleeping Hollow for Eternity
    The Medallion

  18. Leadmare, are you planning on doing some type of competition or drawing for the horse goodies? I was just wondering how you thought of doing that.


  19. Cute foal!I like the name Honeybandit .Great blog.~LD

  20. HF, if I told you what was coming it would ruin the suspense. ;-) For now, I’ll just reiterate that it will be a giveaway (not a competition) intended to be accessible to everyone, and everyone who enters will have an equal chance of winning something for themselves or a loved one.

  21. HoneyBandit- Beautiful! :)