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Ode to Cody (R.I.P.)

Published by • Jan 31st, 2011 • Category: Critique Me!, Poetry

ODE TO CODY (R.I.P.) is a submission for Critique Me!, an event where Girls Horse Club writers are inviting readers to critique their stories and poems with praise and/or constructive advice intended to help build confidence and improve writing/storytelling skills. Thanks in advance for your thoughtful insight!

by ddog777, age 13

This is dedicated to a very special mare that will always be in my hear,my soul, and my mind. Good-bye Cody.

Thirty years ago a copper filly was born,
Through life it self she was worn,
She went through bad homes and good,
But in most she wasn’t understood,
Her name was Cody and though her coat grew dull and old,
There were many friends that she helped mold,
On this day October 26th she died,
While many a friend has cried,
And now while she gallops upon clouds of gold,
Her life story has been told,
Now she lay down,
Never to rise or run,
But to soar with wings made of silver in the heavens,
And to run with tireless stamina in His presence,
Her love to be told for generations to come,
And the wonder of her kindness to some,
Her heart made of iron has stopped and is gone,
But her tale to live on.

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  1. Great job ddog777!
    It sounds like Cody was a great horse.

  2. Beautiful poem! Cody would thank you.

  3. Luna- You can bet she was.She taught me the difference between a ride on a horse and TRULY riding.The type of riding where the horse trusts you and you are one with it.

  4. Such a beautiful, moving poem! I’m glad that you’ve decided to share Cody’s story with us in such a creative and inventive way =)
    I’m sorry for your loss, but if it helps, i know what you’ve gone through. I think you should feel proud of this amazing dedication, and as HorsesForever said, Cody would thank you
    =D Write more xx

  5. It was beautifully written, and I could sense that you put a lot of emotion into it. (:

  6. Your poem made my eyes swell with tears and it’s obvious how much you loved her. The emotions you put into it were great and having it rhyme must have been difficult. It’s a great poem.

  7. Cheesy- Thank-you for enjoying it.I did it the day she died so I was REALLY emotional.

    Zanzibar- Thank-you.It really means alot to me when people enjoy thing I do and even more when it is about such a good friend.

    Blue- You are correct on how much I loved her. Thank-you for enjoying it.Actually I only had trouble in parts.Rhyming is really easy for me to do with poems.

  8. ddog777, your poem is so beautifully heart-felt! I really feel like I’m able to experience the special connection you had with Cody. I especially loved how you said she will never rise and run, but will instead fly. She is such an inspiration, and I think it’s fantastic that she had taught you so much. It’ll be a huge shame if you don’t continue writing and, as you said, truly riding (two of the most rewarding things in life :) ).

  9. amazing!!! so heartfelt, I almost started crying myself! you must keep writing!!! u are an amzing writer! i can’t even think about what would happen if my horse died…

  10. what a wonderful poem,I almost started crying on the computer

  11. I’m sorry for your loss, but I hoped you’ve gained many more horse friends since then. In my opinion, you cannot critque a dedication to a loved one.

  12. If I ever got a horse I’d want one like cody! ☺☻

  13. I know this is a Critique Me, but it’s just so wonderful. I oved how it rymed and the words you used. And I agree with HorseFeathers. ‘ you cannot critque a dedication to a loved one’

  14. Your poem is mellifluous!! I enjoyed it very much. I know that Cody is looking down from “Horse Utopia” right now and neighing. Saying “Yep that’s my rider” :)

    P.S. Definitely First-Class material!!!