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by Rey, age 12


My mother nestled close to me. I shivered as a cold chill went through my legs and up to my neck. I waved my head around and then fell over. After I had finally stood up again, I found the nice warm milk that soothed my dry throat.

Strange creatures smiled and looked into the walled-in border I was in. I decided to call them two-legs. Because my mother and I both had four legs. I wasn’t exactly sure who I was or what I was, but whoever or whatever I am, it must be close to my mother.

I ran as fast as my four legs could go. Fergie, my mother, ran around too because we were boxed in all day. Sometimes the two-legs sat on my mother’s back and rode her around, but I was stuck in the box.

The two-legs called me Ottis, and every time they let me come out they called me that. They called my mother Fergie. I actually liked my name, and whenever they said it, I would nod my head up and down and they would make this funny sound that I called ‘joying’ but mom called it ‘laughing.’

There were other four legged animals like me. But they weren’t all totally like me. For instance, there was a short, fluffy creature with four legs, but I’m pretty sure she wasn’t what I am. She rubbed her back along walls and two-legs’ legs. She had weird feet that were fluffy and not hard like mine.

There was another four legged animal, but it wasn’t like me either. It made this awful howl sound and sometimes barked. It would jump on two-legs and slobber. Some of their ears hung down by their face.

But, there were other creatures like me. I saw other two-legs sit on other four-legged animals’ backs. Those creatures looked just like my mom, but they sure didn’t smell anything like her.

I had met some of them that were my height. They weren’t very friendly though. I met two of them. They were nice to each other, but mean to me. I didn’t understand.

The only time I had a bad experience with a two-leg after I got used to them was when they put this weird thing on my face.

After I got used to two-legs, I loved seeing them. I let them pet me and feed me and everything. But one day, they brought this weird head piece and tried to slip it on my face. My mother wears them all the time, but I didn’t realize they felt so weird.

I kept pulling back and the two-leg was getting frustrated. He ended up getting his way because I gave in and let him slip it on my face. He attached a long rope thing to it and led me around the barn and arena.

Every day he came and put the head piece on and every time I was good, he’d feed me this yummy edible circle thing. Mother called it a treat.

I asked mother what we were called. She said that the two-legs call us horses. Of course, what a funny word to a foal like me. I shook my head around and it was my way of ‘laughing’ as mother calls it.

After many long day-lengths, the two-legs led me to a different barn, away from mom. I neighed and kicked and stomped for hours, but it did no good. Once, I heard mother’s neigh, but then it stopped and I felt alone.

But that’s when a new ‘horse’ came in the shed and lived next to me. In a different box, but same shed. The horse was the dark shade of brown that my mother was, but I was a lighter shade.

The horse and I made friends. He said he didn’t have a name that he knew of. I told him that mine was Ottis. He swooshed his tail at that. “Ottis,” he repeated, “what a joyful name.” I wondered what he meant by ‘joyful name,’ but I didn’t ask. He was a very nice companion.

A day-length later, two more horses came in. They were strange colors compared to ‘The Brown’ and I. One had what two-legs call a ‘black’ mane and tail. He had a ‘golden’ coat. “Excuse me,” I asked, “but what do you call your color?”

“Buckskin,” he replied. His voice was strong, yet it seemed nice on the inside. I felt like I could trust the muscular horse.

“I’m Ottis and this is my buddy. He doesn’t have a name, but I call him The Brown. What’s yours?”

The buckskin replied,”Remi. And I see that you are a sorrel color.” I nodded my head vigorously. “Oh, if you were wondering, this is Lacey. She is a palomino.” I looked at the beautiful mare in the box next to Remi. She had a golden coat like Remi, but it was lighter. Her mane is what they call ‘white’ and it had these weird knots in it.

“Excuse me, Lacey, but what is in your mane?” I asked, very shyly.

“Oh colts and men!” She mumbled to herself. She seemed a little hot-headed (as mom would say). “They are called braids! And they are to look nice! And, if you want to stay here, you better shut up. Because I am the only woman in this shed and it’s very lonely!”

“Oh, but it’s not! You have all of us!”

“You are just a young colt, too young to understand!” And with that she turned around in her stall and mumbled jibberish in her stall all afternoon.

By the time it was supper, Remi, The Brown and I were so tired of being silent that we all kicked at our stalls and neighed a warm greeting to the two-leg who was feeding us.

I hungrily ate down my grain and was left with nothing. Remi decided to ignore Lacey. He apparently knew her, so he wasn’t bothered by her snotty attitude. He said, “I have a fun story to share.” Remi spoke a story of a younger two-leg that wasn’t small enough to carry, but not big enough to live by herself.

She had bay colored hair and dark eyes. He said even though her eyes were dark, that they reminded him of sugar cubes. He spoke of the time she rode him and how fast they went. He spoke about how well she handled him, even if she was younger. He told me of how she kissed him on the muzzle and said that she promised to see him again. A year and a couple months passed, but she fulfilled her promise and she came back.

She had kissed his muzzle and rubbed his neck. She had fed him hay and even drawn him. She spoke to him softly and soothed him. He said how wonderful she was and how much she loved him.

The story was very pleasant. Lacey butted in a couple times. I figured out that they had the same owner named Michaela. Lacey said she had been traded and that she had been bred and now belonged to Susan. Remi told me that Fergie’s, my mom’s, owner was Michaela too. But he said that Sherman owned me.

I do not know how he knew this, but it amazed me. Remi and Lacey both told stories of their riders and shows they were in. But then I noticed that The Brown had been silent the whole time . I wondered why.

I listened to their stories forever until I couldn’t even keep my eyelashes open to stay awake. I fell asleep. I dreamed about The Brown and how silent he was. I dreamed about the stories that they told. I even dreamed about the sugar cube-eyed girl riding me when I’m older. Overall, my sleep was an adventure in my own mind.

* * *


I got to my Uncle Sherman and Aunt Sarah’s house. This would be the last time I would come here because they were moving soon.

I greeted all of them along with my little cousin, Emmett. He played with my brother and they ran around the house. My sister joined them.

The fan blew air into the room and I got fresh air inside my system. Aunt Sarah and mom left to go to Aunt Sarah’s baby shower. Aunt Sarah would be having a baby girl soon.

Uncle Sherman had me polish his trophies that he had won at horse shows. All of them were of a horse doing a sliding stop with a rider riding the horse. I recognized the sliding stop from the western class called reining. I only rode western, and reining was my favorite class. Even though I had never been in a show, I loved reining and practiced it.

There were giant trophies and mini trophies. It took a long while to polish every single one. As I polished them, I hoped that someday I would have so many reining trophies that I would have my niece or nephew polishing them.

After I finished, I decided to go in the shed and take Aunt Sarah up on her offer of seeing the new baby. When I walked in, I saw the cutest little foal. He was sorrel with a heart shaped white spot on his forehead and a little white strip by his muzzle.

He whinnied a greeting to me and I smiled at him. I pet his tiny face and rubbed his soft neck. I looked around the little shed and saw a brown horse in a stall next to him. I saw a buckskin and a palomino. The palomino had braids and then I realized it was Lacey, Michaela’s old horse. Now she belonged to someone else. I tried petting her, but she pulled her head back.

I took some hay from the nearby stack of hay. I asked, “Are you going to be good, Lacey?” To my sudden surprise, Lacey nodded her head up and down. She kept on doing it until I fed her the hay. She seemed satisfied.

I took some more hay and when I passed Lacey’s stall she nodded her head vigorously. I went past her and up to the muscular gelding. I walked up to him and immediately recognized him. Remi. The beautiful buckskin gelding. Remi. The one I rode.

I stroked his face. He nibbled at the hay. I smiled. I went back and got some more hay. I gave it to the little foal and he gladly took it out of my hand.

I found out that the young foal was called Ottis. He was adorable and I had to make room for him in my heart. He left a trail of hoof prints in my heart. I had heard from Michaela earlier about Fergie having a foal and how Uncle Sherman was going to turn Ottis into one of those expensive show horses.

I knew from that point on Ottis would always be one of those horses that I could never have, but would always want. He was just like Remi. Oh, how I would always want them, but knew that they were just out of my grasp. Michaela loved Remi and would never part with him and Uncle Sherman wouldn’t give up the foal he wanted to turn into a reining champion.

All of this was hopeless!

* * *


My dreams came true! The sugar cube eyed girl came! She petted me and gave me kisses on the muzzle. She came back later and rested her head on me and I tickled her cheek and she laughed. She rested her head on me again and I nibbled at her hair which smelled like the yumminess I had always imagined. She laughed when I nibbled on her hair.

She petted Remi and I could tell that the two loved each other. Lacey, on the other hand, did not like her except for the hay that she gave her. The Brown stood silently in his stall. She gave him hay once, and he took it, but he didn’t do anything to make her laugh like the rest of us. We all loved the funny sound she made called ‘laughing.’ It was a sound of joy and happiness. I loved it.

She talked to me and told me about her wanting her own horse and about her and her sister’s horse named Meg. Both Remi and Lacey perked up because Meg used to belong to Michaela. They told me that Meg was wild and reckless, but loved children.

She told me her name was Reyana, but that most people called her Rey. She said she had rode my mother today. She told me how Fergie had went so fast, that she thought she could hardly stop her.

At the sound of my mother’s name, I perked up. I loved my new friends, but I missed mother. I listened as she explained all about her ride. She made it sound so much fun. I wanted her to ride me and have us go extremely fast.

She told me that it feels like you’re free. She also told me how her uncle (my owner) wanted to turn me into a reining star. I thought that sounded cool, but the sad look on Rey’s face gave me second thoughts. “That means I’ll probably never ride you!” I remember her saying those dreadful words. I suddenly didn’t want to become a reining star.

She had kissed me on the muzzle. She had kissed Remi on the muzzle. “You two are my favorites!” When she walked away, I wished she would come back. She was amazing. Please, please.

* * *


As I got back home, I thought of Remi. But I mostly thought of Ottis. I loved Ottis. He made me laugh, he made me smile. He listened when I talked. He would nibble on my hair and tickle my cheek with his lip to make me laugh. When I was leaving, he looked at me like he never wanted me to leave. How I wish I could see that tiny face again.

No other horses tried to make me laugh like Ottis had. He always perked up when I was with him. We had taken a picture together and it looked like he had been smiling! A horse smiling?! Well, he was! And he wanted constant attention, unlike other foals which were scared of you. Never has a foal ever loved me so much or tickled my cheek, or nibbled at my hair. He was different, and I loved that about him.

I loved him, but I knew I would never be able to have him, let alone even ride him. He would be too precious and they wouldn’t want me to mess up their perfect horse. They would never sell their perfect horse, especially to a young girl who would just ride him for fun instead of showing him.

I met all these horses that I knew I’d never have. Oh what sorrow it was. How sad I felt when I thought about all of this the next day. But that day, I had a happiness inside. It was joy.

It gave me sorrow that I would never be able to have Ottis, but I knew that he would become a great horse and do great things. In the pictures I took with him, one stood out. It was the one we had taken together and he had been smiling. It melted my heart.

Ottis & Rey

I just knew that he loved me, because he was the perfect horse, the one who loved me and listened to me and made me laugh. The perfect horse.

* * *


Rey loved me and I loved her. What a perfect two-leg she was. Maybe someday we would reunite, and then she would ride me and everything would be perfect. Everything would be perfect.

* * *


As I thought about Ottis, I had a smile on my face. He was the foal that left hoof-prints in my heart. He was the one that made me laugh and made me smile. I loved him entirely.

Would I be able to have him? No. But would I see him again? Probably.

And this was one of those stories with a sad ending because I didn’t get him. But it is a happy story. Because he brought joy in my heart that I never thought I’d ever have. And he will be a super star. Maybe I’ll hear about him in a couple years that he won a reining competition. And that will be a joyous day.

I know that I will see Ottis again, I can feel it. Maybe he can too. When people say horses can’t love, they are wrong because my Ottis loves me.

* * *

Author’s Note: This is based on the true story of me and my Ottis! I hope you all enjoy it! Ottis is my uncle’s horse, but don’t feel bad—I’m sure he’ll do great stuff in the future with my uncle and true, he might win a reining championship! I hope to see him again soon!

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  1. This is a true story from my point of view (not sure about all of Ottis’s but…) and that’s my pic of me and Ottis and I hope u all enjoy!

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