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Our Horseshoe Luck

Published by • Oct 21st, 2007 • Category: by Madelaina, Gift Horse

by Madelaina, age 12

Have you already gotten a horse in your backyard and are still hungry for more? Or have you begged for years and years to get a cell phone, and when you finally did, started wanting something else like an iPod?

This is a common reaction triggered plainly by greed — greed that sprouts from your wealth or family. People react like this when they’ve been longing for something, receive it, and afterward set off longing for another item, most of the time ignoring the previous thing they had begged for before.

This is called greed.

Here’s a simpler example for us horse girls:

You’ve been begging for a horse from the first time you laid eyes on them when you were young. And after a few years, when your parents decide you are mature and responsible enough to own one and their allowances can easily adjust to feed your equine companion, you finally lead your very own horse out of its trailer and get it settled in. It’s all very exciting for you, but after a while your emotions take a different course.

You start to find your horse uninteresting and look at it as not a horse, but probably as something you are bored of. Then you start on a new craze and want a rabbit. All that time you have spent imagining what life would be if you could just jump onto a horse the second you get back from school has been wasted. You no longer feel something to long for when you can get back home. I’m sure this will never happen to us, this is just an example that I find easier to understand.

But the thing is, your emotions change because you no longer appreciate what you already have and begin wanting what you don’t own. This is different; if you were born in a poor country and got a toy for your birthday, then maybe when you’ve grown up and are too old to play with that toy, you will still treasure it. Because you know you are lucky to have such things.

This even concerns food. If you think about the starving people in Africa, you’ll know that one person dies every three seconds because of famine. That fact turns me onto a non-fussy diet. I am grateful everyday for my meals, my education, my dogs, my house– everything that needs some special attention and horseshoe luck to accomplish.

Tell showoffs about how some people aren’t so rich and lucky. Tell bullies how one may be different and poor without the latest and greatest, but they truly know how to spend their money and appreciate what they have.

Some people have the conditions to ride a horse everyday, some can only take lessons. And some horse girls can only wish. Everybody is born different, destined with different lives. Though that cannot be changed, our points of view can.

If what you’ve desired is achieved, appreciate your horseshoe luck and think of the others whose dreams haven’t come true.

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  1. Wow, this has to be your best blog. 5 stars. Good job!

  2. Madelaina: Your blogs always make me think!
    I will try to remember how lucky I am more often now..=)

  3. Wow!!! This is AMAZING!

  4. This is fabulous writing. I just wish more fortunate people would realize how lucky they are.

  5. Every single word in that blog is so true Madelaina. You really made an awsome point in that blog. Ill always try to think of how lucky I am :)

  6. I’m so glad to hear everyone’s enjoyed my blog. I’ve just got a poem published called One Last Time that reflects on what I mean. Thanks everyone so much for their compliments. My cheeks are boiling with blush!

  7. This blog is breathtaking- I love it! It wants to make me cry! :(( Thanks Madelina!

  8. I totally can understand this blog…it’s exactly how I feel about life! And lately I’ve been noticing that other girls at school don’t seem to understand this point of veiw at all! They don’t understand any life lessons really…their 2 worried about their hair/makeup! ;) But horse girls know what’s important right! :)

  9. My dad was listening to me read some of these blogs aloud and thought this one was amazing and imediatly said he totally aprooves of this “quality website” (his own words!) “Thanks LeadMare for creating this with all these wonderful thoughts just keep patience because some people don’t understand for a long time” (his own words again! He just loves to give a speech!)

    But seriously Madelaina, great writing! You just convinced my dad that this was the best website ever! Good Going!

  10. I like your dad Horsecrazzz. Tell him thanks for the great advice. I’m glad he approves of your online activities.

    Us adults do like giving speeches, but you girls write awesome ‘speeches’ yourselves!

  11. Thanks LeadMare! I’ll tell him what you said! And Madelaina: Awesome Blog!