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Parachutes, BEWARE!

Published by • Jun 18th, 2011 • Category: Riding Advice

by Kristi5678, age 13

One day I was riding back from a trail ride with my sister. We were just rounding a bend in the path when two big shadows covered us.

O.M.G., I thought. Two giant parachutes were flying over our heads at least five yards away.

My sister’s bay pony started to freak out and took off.

“Woah! Stop, boy!!” she was yelling and trying to keep her balance. The little gelding took off at a gallop off the path into the neighbouring fields and stopped abruptly, making my sister topple over the pony’s head. She did a somersault and landed on her back.

“Kristi! Stop!” she called out to me, but I didn’t have the time to answer.

Now Mindy was galloping away with me, clearly forgetting that she had a passenger on board. I quickly abandoned the idea of trying to stop her since her equine mind was probably telling her: Flying predators! Run away to safety! I started thinking how nice it was to gallop — I felt like I was flying.

Get down to earth, Kristi! You’re nearing the road! I scolded myself. Luckily we were only 200 yards away from the stables, with the road leading into the stable yard. The other pony was waiting for us on the road, so I thought I’d jump off when Mindy stopped.

That’s exactly what I did, except that I slid on the gravel and fell on my bum.

Mindy and co jumped and ran away as if somebody had called out “They’re off!” I stood up clumsily mumbling something like: “So nice of you guys to leave me like this.” I started to follow them at a jog back to the stables. Looking over my shoulder I saw that Nici and her boyfriend, who had accompanied us, were walking with my sister. My riding teacher was tying up the ponies when I got back. Well, all’s well that ends well — nobody died! I think.

And the moral of the story is: NEVER go riding when there are parachutes nearby!

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  1. THANK YOU LEADMARE!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Very interesting Kristi5678!
    I have never heard a story quite like this! :)

  3. Thanks palominoponygirl!
    I made a big mistake though! I meant paragliders!!
    Leadmare, is it possible to correct that??

  4. Thanks for the tip! As paliminoponygirl said, very interesting.

  5. Haha, how funny! Just out of nowhere, random people paragliding come right over you’re heads!! Very interesting. Thanks for the tip!

  6. Wow! What an amazing story!

  7. =) that is pretty awesome to say the least. And it had a real meaning to it- i will now beware of parachutes, after all i don’t want to have to blog about the consequences of forgetting…..:P

  8. Nice story.

  9. Thanks 4 the comments you guys! :D