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Published by • Sep 11th, 2016 • Category: Poetry

by sierra, age 13

Ebony patches on a coat of white
your eyes full of enthusiasm shining bright
you make everything in this world perfect for me
you show me how true love can be

That first morning we met
your spirit caught my heart
I know we had a flame sized bond from the start
I always get that feeling of never wanting to be apart

My heart swells with joy
whenever I think of you my friend
that flame starts back up again
you’re my best friend

Now we’ve created a bond so strong
I have waited for this moment all too long
it gets stronger every day
you truly stole my heart away

The way you prick up your ears whenever you see me
the way we work together in perfect harmony
you will jump anything for me
no matter the size, nothing’s bigger than your fighting heart

It’s been a journey
that has just begun
our bond will only grow stronger
our journey will just get longer

Author’s Note: This is a simple poem about how thankful I am to own such an amazing horse. And when I say I own him I don’t mean legally, I mean we own each others’ hearts. I’m so amazed how Peppy one second is laying back his ears and swishing his tail at someone else and when they walk away and I’m standing there he pricks them up and nuzzles me or when he sees me he lets out a joyful nicker and pricks up his ears. I love him so much and I’m proud to call him my best friend. Everyone has a guardian angel and sometimes I think God gave me Peppy as mine. :)

Thank you Peppy, this one is for you.

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  1. This is so beautiful! <3 <3 <3

  2. I really like ALL of your poems! <3 This one is beautiful! :)

  3. Wow. This IS beautiful. I am amazed. It describes the…I can’t say. But wow!

  4. Thx guys! Your comments mean so much! :)

  5. Awe so pretty. I can tell you put you heart into work.

  6. Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments you leave me.I check on GHC every single morning when i get up and i can smile at all these comments.You really make my day so much better! @Carey Anne thank you so much!

    yours truly

    Sierra and Peppy

  7. You have real talent! Wow, I just LOVE your poems!

  8. thank you sooooooooo much Sisco’s girl! I love writing poetry!

    P.S are you on i kind of recognized the name.Im Heartbeat for horses which you can probable tell because i literally always write about Peppy!