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Phantom Stallion’s Horse Hair Bracelet

Published by • Mar 29th, 2009 • Category: Arts & Crafts, How It's Made

by HorseFeathers, age 16

Have y’all read and heard about Mrs. Terri Farley’s idea of horsehair bracelet in her book series The Phantom Stallion? It seems that at least once in every book it mentions Sam’s connection to the Phantom with the horsehair bracelet she made. I thought that was a neat idea so I decided to make my own. Here is one way to do it…

STEP 1 | Gather a good length of horsehair. Now do not go cutting away at the horse’s mane and tail. Try looking in the brush for long strands from the tail or mane. I found some from my friend Nicker’s tail.

STEP 2 | On one end, tie a piece of string or thread together to hold the hair in place. Tie it in a Knot so it holds all the hair together.

STEP 3 | Separate the hair into three strands and begin braiding it until you come to the end. Then tie another piece of string or thread to hold the hair together.

STEP 4 | You should now have a braided strand with both ends tied off. Now overlap the ends. Wrap more thread tightly around both, holding the ends together. Keep in mind that you want it to be able to slide off and on your wrist without taking it apart. When you have connected both ends fairly well, tie the thread in a good knot and cut off the extra string.

STEP 5 | Now show it off to your Horse Crazy friends! I love mine because it smells like the barn and horses. Here is a pic of what my finished product looked like.

Horse Hair Bracelet

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  1. WOW! I think I’ll try that. It looks really fun and cool! Good Job!!

  2. Yay! I’m so gonna try that.

  3. Cool! I might do that with my hair! lol. (Not really) When I get a horse, I am so doing this. Great blog!

  4. COOL!!!!

  5. I’m going to sooooo try that. the horse the I ride has a lovely bronze mane and tail that will be perfect for a bracelet. Oh and I too love the smell of horses. When I smell it I feel better tham I would in a hot bath.

  6. wish I could try it. Mom mom and dad bought me a horse-hair bracelet but it isn’t the same cause it dosn’t smell like a horse and it isn’t from a horse I know/love.

  7. Thank y’all! =0) I thought it was champion idea Mrs. Farley had. =0)

  8. My sis used to make jewelry out of horse hair and sell it. I have a neckless,bracelet and earrings made from my old pony’s tail, it’s a nice reminder of my ol’ pal!:) I wonder if she got the idea from those books….?

  9. Awesome! I soo want to try it!!

  10. So cool! I love that idea. :)

  11. I did iT!

  12. Spring has come and the time to pull manes and change colors due to horses’ shedding, so I may as well give it a try! On the other hand, I am horrible at braiding…

  13. I love terri farley’s series although I thought it was Mr. terri farley lol That is an awsome bracelet! It is soooo pretty if I ever get a horse I want to make one!

  14. Glad y’all are having a good time making the braclets… i think its something speical that ill keep for a long time and pass down to my children maybe in the future =0)

  15. This is really neat HorseFeathers! Cool, I’m glad you blogged about this because I never would have come up with it! I will have to try it.

  16. Good blog, there are also other braids you can do as well. “Cobra” would be a nice pattern for this bracelet. You can find more braids at, try it out!

  17. That is so cool! If I had a horse, I’d definately do that. I love the Phantom Stallions AND the Wild Horse Island books!

  18. That’s pretty, I can’t wait to try it. When I still had a horse I got that idea from Phantom Stallion and made a bracelet kind of like this one only a little different. I put beads on it in colors that made me think of my horse and the times I’d spent with him.

  19. I tried making ahorsehair bracelet once, and made a huge mess out of it. I’ll have to try again.

  20. Ooooo! I’ll try this when I get my horse where I live!

  21. I think its a great idea =D I want to do it!

  22. I’ve read the phantom stallion series, but i never could excatly picture th bracelet. Now I can picture it and make it! :-)

  23. I’ve read the phantomstallion series, and I’ve allways wanted to make the bracelet. Finally I can make it!

  24. Wow! Lead Mare just led me here to see this cool “workshop” in horsehair jewelry.
    You all are amazing, and thanks so much for your appreciation of my books and all things HORSE!
    Hugs to you & your equine buddies,

  25. I’m glad LeadMare showed this to you, Mis Terri Farley! It is really great isn’t it?

  26. If you want one that will last forever, I would love to make it for you.
    Thanks for letting me mention it here. Truly, I tell you, a bit of every horse’s spirit is caught in its tail. Even after the horse leaves us here on earth.