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Ponies and Poems: A Place to Begin

Published by • Mar 31st, 2013 • Category: Books & Writing, by Julia

by Julia, age 19

It has been at least six years since I sat at my family’s clunky desktop computer and typed up my first poem. It was about the first horse I rode at my local riding stable, and it was back when I was absolutely convinced every poem had to rhyme. I submitted it to Girls Horse Club, and I was overcome with excitement to find it had been published on the site.

I consider myself to be a proud veteran of this special virtual barn, and in a discussion with friends who are also pursuing Creative Writing at my university, I found myself gushing about where I got my start as a writer. After laughing at the predictability of it all, how the crazy 19-year-old girl with pictures of horses tacked to her dorm room wall was essentially the same person as a 12-year-old, they asked to read some of my earliest published works.

As I looked back through the archives for my own silly, ridiculously-rhyming poems from years passed, I started getting lost in reading early blogs from the many talented junior bloggers who have contributed over the years. I became aware of how truly talented writers so many of these young girls were (and still are), and how we shared so many of our common goals and aspirations with each other; we were a community of girls who dreamed of show jumping and barrel racing. We were a band of wannabe cowgirls with big dreams and even bigger hearts. We were an intersection of cultures whose center point fell upon a passion for our horses, the real and the imagined.

We were young girls who connected with each other, fostering an open space to share our enthusiasm for the things we loved most: horses and writing. I was struck by just how rare something like this is. And I was lucky to find it at such a young age, even if I didn’t know it at the time.

What I’m about to say is totally a cliché, but I’m going to say it anyway because of how true it is: Never give up on what you love to do. I found my niche right here, back when I was a wobbly-legged beginning rider and a budding blogger with a lot to say about the horses in her life.

I suppose I’m writing this for any girl who has stumbled upon this little corner of the Internet. Get lost in the past and present community of girls who share your passions. Take some time to submit something a little longer than a Tweet or a Facebook status. If there’s a little girl inside of you who never quite shook the joy of her first pony ride, this is the place for you – especially if you are the girl who just experienced that first pony ride.

And for those of you who found their voice by reporting on the injustices of horse slaughter and telling stories about naughty school ponies, who wore the virtual Loft Book Club ribbons as medals of honor, who commented thoughtfully and respectfully on the writing and experiences of others like you – don’t forget where your journey began. It will make the journey to where you’re going that much sweeter.

Keep writing. Keep riding. Keep dreaming.

Thanks Girls Horse Club, for everything.



A Note from LeadMare: I hope Julia doesn’t mind that I dusted off the Loft Book Club archives and found the first poem she had published at GHC in December of 2006. (Correct me if I’m wrong, Julia.) Click here if you want to cruise the archive of Julia’s blog contributions.

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Jazz – A Poem Dedicated to My Best Friend!
by Julia, age 13

As I walk to your stall,
With an apple for a treat,
I see that you’re tall,
As you rise up on your feet.

You snuffle my hands in search of a snack,
And bite at my sleeve,
When I turn my back.

But I don’t get mad,
Even when I know I should,
Even though you’re so bad.
(You have it too good.)

When I tighten the girth,
You bump my arm.
I should show some remorse,
But you’ve got too much charm.

You’re as naughty as a horse can be,
But I still love you,
As you plainly see.

You are worse then the cartoon devil named Tazz,
But instead you’re a troublesome Appaloosa named Jazz.

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  1. No way! I actually was thinking last night about writing something about my discovery of Girls Horse Club and how it was a big place for me to discover my love of writing! This timing is hilarious…

    Julia: Great blog!

  2. Totaly agree! <3 honestly this website helped me so much in becoming a better author, and a better horse person! Thank you GHC!!!!

  3. Julia, it’s girls like you, whose passion for horses helped fuel their talents, that are the heart and soul of this virtual barn. I set the bar high and you soared over it, helping others see that, with practice and dedication, they could make the leap. I hope you’ll continue to keep in touch, and know that as long as the barn doors are open there’s always a place for you, in whatever capacity interests you.

    Pony Princess, the timing of hearing from veterans like Mustang_Heart and Julia could not have been more perfect from my perspective. And if writing something about your journey has been on your mind, there must be something in the air. I hope to hear from you soon!

    Peanut, it’s nice to see you here also. Feels like it’s a reunion!

  4. This is really good! I agree too. This website gas helped me become a better writer. And i really love writing about my passion : horses! I LOVED reading this Julia! You are very good at writing.

  5. This is inspiring as always :) I’ve seen writers here grow so much in just a short time, and you’ve put it all into words perfectly. Thank YOU for sharing this, and for everyone who has given GHC so much life. I wouldn’t doubt that there IS something special happening. After all, everyone’s part of a herd here. It just goes to show how big this “little corner of the internet” can be :)

  6. To my Barn Sisters: Thanks for loving words and horses and crediting those who encouraged your skills and affections. Lead Mare has brought together an amazing community of creativity and compassion and horses everywhere will benefit from it.
    Enjoy your secret powers & use them only for good!
    Celebrating you,