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Presenting the Junior Blogger Finals!

Published by • Feb 14th, 2008 • Category: Junior Blogger Finals

Junior Blogger FinalsHAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Our hearts go out to the talented horse girls who stepped up for a shot at being the next Junior Blogger. Each writer has put her heart into writing for your enjoyment, education, and inspiration. The bar is high and the competition is steep.

Voters, you have a *very* tough job but the guidelines are simple:

Read each of the 6 5 (see update below) finalist blogs. The bottom of each blog has more links to blogs, stories and poems written by each author. Think about who will best compliment our amazing team of Junior Bloggers, then cast your vote on Junior Blogger Voting poll to the right. No need to rush as voting will continue through February 29th (Leap Day — how appropriate!).

Now the finalist blogs in alphabetical order by first name…

UPDATE: It was brought to my attention that one of the entries was copied from another site, so it has been removed from the finals. Please remember our submission form states that content must be written by you. If you’d like more info about plagiarism, please read Inspiration vs. Plagiarism.

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  1. Oh my gosh. Voting is just TOO HARD! All of you are SO SO SO good. You all deserve to be junior bloggers! Good luck!

  2. Leadmare, PLEASE tell us who won!!!!!!

  3. Hey guys I am new here what is all fo this about?

  4. Wow, this was REALLY tough! You guys are all so amazing but I’ve finally casted my vote!

  5. Jeanna Briggs: As soon as voting over (Feb 29th) LeadMare will tell everyone who won!!!!

    OMG……it was SOOO hard to choose….but I finally picked who would be good!

  6. I submitted a blog will it come up in the next couple of days? Can someone tell me what this website is about cause I am new.

  7. Asia: GHC(short for girls horse club) is a club where horse girls of all ages come together and write about nothing but horses! We all have a special bond with horses even if we dont ride! In blogs….you can write about a horse sport, about a special horse, or something horsey like! And we really reallly hate horse slaughter.

    And if LeadMare okay’s your blog….you should be able to see it on our Calender.

  8. Sweet thanks for the info!! thank you Tori!

  9. Good luck, Asia! Hope to see your work soon!!!!! :D

  10. Awesome Asia,here’s hoping that you’re published!

  11. LeadMare, SB and I are tied. If this remains through to the end, how will you decide the next Jr. Blogger?

  12. Allison, good question. A lot can happen in a week, but if we end up with a tie the two who are tied will both become JBs. I’d say that’s a win-win, LOL.


  13. Voting’s tight…really tight…good luck once again to all junior blogger finalists! And Asia, welcome to GHC and I’m looking forward to reading your blog!

  14. No prob Asia!

  15. thanks! I feel like I already belong here!