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Prevent Accidents Before They Happen

Published by • May 21st, 2009 • Category: Guest Bloggers, Horse Advice

by Horsey at Heart, age 14

Being around horses is the best pastime in the world, as many of you know. But even though horses are the gentlest animals in the world, they can still be unpredictable at times. These are a few of the accidents that can happen. Keep yourself and your horse safe by taking some of these precautions.

Don’t stand directly behind your horse. You’ve probably heard this from your riding instructor before, but let’s just review it. A horse has blind spots, just like you and I. Just like us, a horse can’t see behind itself. Unlike us, a horse’s ancestors were once hunted in the wild. As a horse has no other means of defense, when it’s threatened from behind, it has only one option: kick, and if you’re behind it, you’re in big trouble.


If you have to lift a back hoof or brush your horse’s tail, stand to the horse’s side. If your horse does decide to kick, you won’t be in the way. If you do get kicked, tell an adult right away. Trust me, it hurts, and sometimes it’s hard to walk for about a week if it’s really bad.

Watch out for your feet! Horses have big feet, and if yours are nearby when he decides to stamp down…


If your horse is grumpy, don’t keep your feet too close to his; he could try and step on them. Stay alert as well; that is the best way to prevent accidents.

Be careful with your fingers. All of us love to treat the horses we love (don’t deny it!) and carrots are (among) the common fruits and vegetables we raid the refrigerator for. However, fingers also look like baby carrots, and though often not meaning to, horses can bite hard. Ouch!


1) Don’t stick your fingers through the horse’s stall door. Your horse can think you’re giving him a treat, and there will be painful consequences for you.

2) If you want to hand feed him a treat, open your hand flat, place the treat on your palm, and allow him to eat it from your palm. (Beware: It tickles!) This prevents accidentally bitten fingers.

Take precautions when riding. When you’re riding on a horse, you’re pretty high off the ground so it’s best to be careful. All sorts of things can happen—bucking, spooking, bolting…


1) Follow your instructor’s instructions. Your instructor knows what she is talking about, as she has been riding longer than you have. Listen to her instructions carefully. Ask questions so you see everything clearly. This often prevents accidents.

2) Stay alert, especially if you’re riding outside. A slight rustle in the trees, a cat running across the ring, and another horse spooking can all scare your horse. If you feel him begin to tense up, begin talking to him calmly. Relax yourself, but shorten your reins so you will be able to control him if he decides to bolt—which is a great possibility. If he does bolt, don’t jerk back on the reins. Instead, gently put your weight in your seat and gradually lightly pull back on your reins.

3) If you are calm, your horse will be too. Try not to tense up, and have fun—which I’m sure you do already!

Preventing accidents is the best way to make sure that you and your horse have the best possible time together. There are many other kinds of precautions to take, so keep on studying, and be very careful in everything you do. Do not accept dares that you know will only lead to an accident, and if somehow you or anyone else gets hurt, tell your instructor or a nearby adult right away.

So take precautions, keep safe, and—most importantly—have fun!

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  1. Champion blog.. its better safe than sorry when your dealing with horse buddies! =0)

  2. Great blog Horsey at Heart! I’ve had my fingers smunched before and oooeee did that hurt! I also like the way you write: Straight forward and easy to understand.:)

  3. Great Blog Horsey at Heart! I just want to add that in order to keep your fingers safe it is usually a good idea to put your horses treats in a feed bucket. Then they won’t associate your hand with treats and they will be less likely to bite. Not to say that you can’t ever feed them from your hand. =)

    Thanks for the tips! =)

  4. Ha, ha, funny, my horse friend spooked last night! Your blog is great! You must have a lot of expereince. I sure hope I never get stepped on. Ouch!

  5. Horses are kind and cute but they, like people, can be moody so it is best if you FOLLOW Horsey at Heart advice. This is good sound advie people, listen to it!

    amazing job Horsey at Heart, give yourself a pat on the back!

  6. Excellent job at summarising the basics of horse safety precautions. I would definitely keep all you mentioned in mind. It certainly helps to prevent injuries when I have a great guide to read.

  7. Good job!

  8. Great blog! Even if you’ve heard some of these countless times, they’re still important reminders everyone needs to hear every once in a while. Great writing!