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PREVIEW: Women in American Horse Racing

Published by • May 27th, 2007 • Category: Entertainment, Previews & Reviews, Showing & Sport

The nice people at American Storyboard, the award-winning non-profit film company, sent us this info about their new production Women in American Horse Racing. We have not seen the DVD, but expect to do so next week and will share our impressions. Here’s the blurb:

From jockeys to grooms, and from outriders to executives, Women in American Horse Racing shows how talented women are shaping the industry. Produced in Massachusetts, the film draws on interviews with working women and features material from racetracks around the country. It also highlights prominent women of the past, including the legendary trainer, Mary Hirsch, and Hall of Fame star Julie Krone. A special nod is given to Suffolk Downs for its early welcome to women in racing. The documentary will be an important resource on the history of women in sport. Sponsors include Autotote, Inc. and The Daily Racing Form. The film was produced by John and Sandra Ronan, with associate producer Christian Teja. American Storyboard is interested in cooperative promotions with other non-profits concerned with racing or cancer research. We also invite queries from the press and from sales representatives and outlet managers.

If you’re interested in attending the premier event on June 16th, which includes a race with all women jockeys at Suffolk Downs Racetrack in Boston, Massachusetts USA, contact:

John J. Ronan
President, American Storyboard
5r Magnolia Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930

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  1. Cool! I want a career thats around horses!

  2. I might want to become a dressage rider when i grow up, but the first step is learning how to actually ride a horse! :)

  3. Awesome!!

    Marisa: If you follow your dreams, you CAN do anything!

  4. Go for your dream Marisa!

  5. Yeah, Marisa! I didn’t ride until just a few years ago. And I’m already in the top riding class at my stables and it is hard to get that far!

    Moral: Whenever you have a dream, and if you try your best, it can come true, no matter what!

  6. That’s so cool horsejo! I wish I could ride that well! I’m not sure if I really want to become a dressage rider or a showjumper… They both seem so fun! :)

  7. I hope that someday, you are a world-famous dressage rider or show-jumper!