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Przewalski’s Horse

Published by • May 17th, 2007 • Category: by Julia, International Horse

by Julia, age 13

When I say the word horse, what do you picture in your mind? A lean Thoroughbred racing on the flat? A Warmblood jumper leaping a high fence? A quarter horse whipping around a barrel? What about wild horses? I bet the first thing you think of are Mustangs, Brumbies, or Chincoteague ponies. Actually, those breeds of horses are feral, meaning they aren’t truly wild. Feral means that at one time these breeds were domesticated (tamed by humans), but at one point escaped and became “wild” again. However, I came across a truly wild breed of horse never tamed by humans.

Przewalski.gif Przewalski’s Horse is the closest living relative of the domesticated horses of our modern world. It is the only remaining wild breed of horse in the world. They were named after Nikolai Przhevalsky, a naturalist, who had heard they existed and, being the explorer that he was, went out to find them.

There is a reason why you probably haven’t heard about Przewalski’s Horse. The last individual horse was seen in 1969 and was considered extinct as a wild animal for over 30 years. But the Foundation for the Preservation and Protection of the Przewalski Horse started a breeding program and, in 1992, sixteen were released into the wild. Today they are considered endangered, but still very rare.

These amazing animals are always shades of dun and much stockier than a regular horse with shorter legs. They usually have faint yet noticeable stripes on their legs.

The herds function just like wild mustang herds or other horse breeds. There’s a lead mare, dominant stallion, other mares, and foals. They live around twenty-five years.

I found theses unique creatures fascinating and so interesting I had to share it with the members of Girls Horse Club. I want to be a wildlife photographer one day and maybe I can be lucky enough to go to the steppes of Mongolia and photograph one myself. I’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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  1. This is really amazing. I think being wildlife photographer sounds very interesting! I like photography and wildlife so it goes together well. But I wish you luck someday you can get the chance to photograph a Przewalski Horse.

  2. Julia,this is a brilliant blog! i hope u do photograph one one day,just remember to put a film in your camera! Belive me it happens!

  3. Madelaina and Animalsrkool: Thanks! I think theses are the most unique creatures I’ve ever seen. My dream (other than becoming an olmpic horse rider) is to photograpgh some of the rarest animals in the world :D DOn’t worry (hopefully) I’ll remember the film…but just to be sure I’ll stick with a digital camera.

  4. how did they become endangered? =(

  5. Marisa: I’m not completely sure but I’ll chck and get back to you :)

  6. Ok, this is what I found about their decline. At one time the herds of them were quite common. However, overhunting and competing with each other for proper grazing land as well as inbreeding with domesticated Mongol ponies were the main reasons. I’ll try and find a few more links on the subject.

  7. People shouldn’t hunt animals it’s mean and illegal in some areas…

  8. Marisa: Yes, I completely agree. I hate hunting for sport because the only point of it is to hang a mount on your wall >:( However, these ponies were hunted for thier meat. It’s a combination of tihngs that wiped them out but they are slowly returning :D

  9. You’re right Marisa. Did anyone see a Przewalski yet? I didn’t, but I know they’re very cute!! :-)

  10. FLipper: If you ever see a Przewalski in captivity condsider yourself lucky. If you see one in the wild, I’d consider you determined.

  11. Did people really hunt przewalski’s Horses?

  12. Who would eat horse meat? I bet it tastes bad. Was horses the only source of food they had to hunt them so much that they were disappering so quickly?

  13. Yes, but this was many years ago and that was not the only way their population declined. They were found in Mongolia and were a source of food. Remember, they are not actual horses, but a very close wild ancestor of the horse. o what also declined them was interbreeding with domesticated horses and ponies therefore weakeing their bloodlines and messing with their adaptations to live in the wild. They also fought with each other for land and eventually the combination of these things killed them off. This was many years ago…

  14. Wow! I didn’t know that before! Thanks for all the info!

  15. Wow, neat info :}

  16. Some people do eat horses,i dunno what it tastes like,but it’s probly chicken,everything tastes like chicken… Thanks for the information Julia,it might come in useful when i’m a vet.

  17. Animalsrkool: Trust me, not everything tastes like chicken ;) By the way, good luck with becoming a vet. I might have the first equine patient you treat.

  18. I have always thought that Prezwalski’s horse was so cute. Love them!

  19. Thanks Julia,disapointing news,I took this really long quiz and at the end it pretty much said: you are rubbish with animals,you are rubbish with people,you could not be a vet. The you are rubish with people bit is right tho,I find it hard to talk to people i’ve never seen before,and i’ve got carried away!Praps I should try and be a Wildlife Photographer like you?!?! :)(p.s plz forgive the spelling mistakes)

  20. Animalsrkool: I’ve taken those quizzes too. They don’t mean a single thing. Honestly, if you love animals yo could become a ver in a heartbeat. Also, I’ve changed my goal slightly. Instead of being a wildlife photographer I want to be an Equine Photogrpaher and I would lobe to meet Bob Langrish, Although I’m not sure if that’s how to spell his name.

  21. Aww thanks Julia,That made me feel a whole lot better. Who’s Bob Langrish? Praps u shouls do a blog on him!

  22. He’s an Equine photographer, won of the best i the world. You’ve seen some of his photos at some point probably. I might do a blog I I find the time to do the research.

  23. Animalsrkool,
    OH Awesome!
    I want to be a vet, too! I can’t decide if I want to specialize in horses or not. Anyway, it is so cool to know someone shares my dream : )

  24. Julia,
    I love photography! I do it as a hobby.
    One of my dreams was to be a wildlife photographer. I decided on a vet, though ;)

  25. I love photography as well, and so is my dad, he is dedicated. It’s great to be a vet, but it is too hard for me to put an animal down or know that I couldn’t save one. But I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up.

  26. I’d like to be an all animals vet,to specalise in one particlar animal you train for longer,not that i really mind that,I’d like to go around zoos and help sick or injured animals there.I like photography aswell, i took a reasanobly good photo of a fox in my garden,only it was a bit dark.

  27. i like to take pictures of my neighberhood and my frends with my sister’s camera

  28. most of my friends hide if i try and photo them!

  29. lets hope the horses don’t hide when you appear with a camera Julia!