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Published by • Oct 15th, 2009 • Category: by Madelaina, Poetry

by Madelaina, age 14

Braving the battles in the sky,
she leaned against the glass,
cloaked by the window curtains
and watched the storm pass.

There was no hope of riding
nor of visiting her horse,
as thunder and lightning quarreled
about who showed greater force.

The clouds wept endlessly,
their tears staining the earth.
What strange, greying air there was
as they moaned for all they’re worth.

Yet she stared at the reflections
upon the glass of a photo frame.
In them, the rain floated up
From the ground to where they came.

She smiled at this marvel,
In the picture, her horse grinned too.
So when down, just reflect;
Know horses are there, always, for you.

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  1. Loved it! Great job Madelaina!

  2. *sigh*I loved it! Reading it out loud is just the best! awesome poem Madelaina! Loved it! :-) I’ve had rain (or snow) ruin my riding days often. Like today! I was supposed to go riding over at a big hill a few miles from here, but its snowing and I’m sick :-( I have been for- – – this is my 4th day :-( they put it off for tommorow. Praying I’ll get better and the snow will stay in the sky! (yes snow in OCTOBER, our state doesn’t know how to keep it in the sky until November) :-)

  3. Made- champion poem mate! I love it… it reminds me so much of the pictures of my own animal friends that ive lost in the past. All they can do is stare but it brings back so many jovial moments and memories.


  4. lol Jonannah. Madelaina, awesome poem. It was very beautiful, and well put-together. I loved it. Especially that last line and the second stanza I think.
    The clouds wept endlessly,
    their tears staining the earth.
    What strange, greying air there was
    as they moaned for all they’re worth.

    That was GENIUS!

  5. That was soooo good! I mean really, the best poem I have read in weeks! I can’t believe it! The way you described everything. “Thunder and Lightning Quarreling and Tears Stained the Earth” it is so magical. *sigh* and romantic in a way!…..MORE! You MUST write more because you have talent! You have vision, imagination, and real eyes for beauty and passion for describing it!

  6. Beautiful poem Madelaina. I could read it forever. It reminds me of my horse friends that only live in photos now. I agree with Jonannah, Reading it aloud is the best. :]

  7. Wow, three comments from three amazing writers, this must be my lucky day! Thanks for your feedback.

    Jonannah: The weather’s been pretty unstable here as well, but I just keep hoping. I’m sure you’ll be able to go riding very soon. After all, nothing can keep a horse crazy girl from her horse :) I hope you get to go riding tomorrow!

  8. Awesome rhymes, Madelaina, your a very very very very very good poet! Your poem was wonderful! I loved it!

  9. I take that back, make it six comments from six very amazing writers :D I can always count on you guys to bring a smile to my face, thank you so much for your support!