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Published by • Sep 19th, 2010 • Category: Poetry, Summer of Horse Dreams Roundup

by HorseFeathers, age 17

Pure joy, they say, pure freedom
is on the back of a horse
But whose freedom, whose joy?

Does it belong to the horseflesh beneath
or to the burden on top?
Who has control over movement?

A true horsewoman knows that pure joy
starts at the end of a rope
with her boots on the ground

A true horsewoman knows before freedom
there must be trust intertwined
Both must submit to each of the strengths

One will follow and the other will lead
that is how it was and always will be
Faith in each partner to keep going

They say pure freedom is on
the back of the horse
No my friend, pure freedom is on
the back of a horse that will let you stay there

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  1. GREAT!!! And funny, too! “the back of a horse that will let you stay there.”

  2. awesome poem!!:)

  3. Thanks mates! In writing this poem I thought about the concept of trust between horse and rider. You can get up on a horse and ride.. but in my opinion you cant really RIDE until you’ve gained that privledge from that horse from on the ground.


  4. excellent, excellent, excellent.

  5. So true horsefeathers. my family has had to tame a few broodmares that would not let us get near them. So we always make sure to let the horses trust us before we ride them and we have a lot of good horses that we can trust because of it.

  6. Great poem horsefeathers.Hope you right more soon.~LD

  7. Great poem! It’s very true, it’s one thing to sit on a horse while it plods around, and another to really create a partnership and then ride.

  8. I love it!!