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REVIEW: Airs and Graces by Toby Bishop

Published by • Jan 30th, 2008 • Category: Books & Writing, Previews & Reviews

Author: Toby Bishop
Title: Airs and Graces
Category: Books
Genre: Fantasy

Reviewed by Rebecca Shyly, age 11

Airs and GracesFor Christmas my mother bought me the new book Airs and Graces, part 2 of the Horsemistress Saga by Toby Bishop. This is a fantastic book written by a fantastic author whom I look up to very much.

The story brings us back into the life of Larkyn Hamley, which is a truly amazing journey. The book gives you a sense of understanding because at this age we feel the changes of life, as does Lark.

This book is life-changing. It teaches life lessons and is heartfelt. I love it.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Toby Bishop is a warm-hearted amazing person! I contacted her through email after reading her first book. She read some of my stories and supported me. She inspired me and made me feel confident about my writing skills. She is a fantastic author and a kind, amazing person. I give her 6 stars (on a scale from one to five)!

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  1. That’s very nice and kind of Toby to encourage you like that. I hope I get a chance to read that book. Overall great review! :D

  2. nice overveiw! i’ve been waiting to read this blog!! good job but i think u coould have gone into a bit more detail about wat happens in the book as i have been considering reading it but wanted a detalied review before i tried looking for it. buts its good how u put in a bit about the author.

  3. tash: Sorry, but I didn’t wan’t to give away the story. It jsut would kinda ruin it I think. If you really want to find out more about the book vist Toby’s Website.

  4. okay. i’ll do that! :D

  5. There are also a couple of reviews on Amazon — click here to read.