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REVIEW: Dark Fire by Angela Dorsey

Published by • Sep 12th, 2011 • Category: Books & Writing, Previews & Reviews

by Toppyrocks, age 14

Dark Fire by Angela DorseyOnly a few weeks ago (two, maybe?) a package came for me in the mail. It was eight by five and a half inches, and about an inch thick. Printed on the returned postage stamp on the front of the cardboard box was ‘Girls Horse Club.’ It was my books! Sure enough, when I opened it up (very quickly, might I add) there they were — Dark Fire, Desert Song and Condor Mountain, the first three books in Angela Dorsey‘s Horse Guardian series.

As soon as I finished the book I had been reading (not a horse one, surprisingly enough) I began Dark Fire. I finished it last night.

Dark Fire is the perfect mix of mystery and horses. Although, when are horses not a good addition to a story? I completely fell in love with the horses of the story — Jupiter, Firefly, Topper and Dakota — and the human characters were really fun to read about.

When Angelica arrived at Evergreen Manor after being called by Jupiter, she and Lisa quickly become friends. Lisa and her family used to live at the Manor, until they had to sell it. Lisa still comes every night to take care of the horses. The man that bought the Manor from them, Mr. Pickering, was always welcoming to Jupiter. That is, until his nephew Jimmy turns up.

Not long after Jimmy arrives, Mr. Pickering falls ill and Lisa doesn’t see him anymore. Even though Jimmy tells Lisa she isn’t welcome anymore, Lisa still keeps coming. Someone has to look after the horses!

Soon, things get more and more complicated. Between Lisa’s father not wanting her to visit the horses, Jimmy’s threatening behaviour , Mr. Pickering falling ill, and Angelica being a slightly suspicious person to start with, Lisa sure has her work cut out for her. She and Angelica have to work together to save the horses, the Manor, and solve many small mysteries that actually end up being one big issue.

Dark Fire should be on every horse-loving girl’s booklist, no doubt about it. Can you guess what the next book I’m going to read is? The next Horse Guardian book, of course! It’s just sitting on my shelves practically begging to be read.

Again, thank you so much for the books and the wonderful interactive interview, Ms. Dorsey! And thanks for sending them to me, LeadMare, and for hosting the Interactive View!

Keep on reading and writing, horse girls!


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  1. Great review Toppyrocks. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Dark Fire — sounds like a must-read!

  2. I really can’t wait to read this!!!

  3. Hey Toppyrocks!

    I’m so glad you liked it, and I hope you like Desert Song and Condor Mountain just as much.

    Happy reading!

  4. Wow, it’s up right away! Thanks for fixing my typos, LeadMare. Right when I wanted to write this, my Word program kept crashing, so I had to type it in my email.

    I hope I do too, Ms. Dorsey! I started reading it last night and so far it’s just as good.

  5. Great review, sounds like an exciting read!

  6. Dark Fire sounds amazing! I’ve got to go see where I can get my hands on a copy. Great job on the review, Toppyrocks.