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REVIEW: Heartland

Published by • Jan 29th, 2009 • Category: Books & Writing, Previews & Reviews

Author: Lauren Brooke
Title: Heartland (series)
Category: Books
Genre: Fiction

Reviewed by Allison, age 13

Heartland Book SeriesHave you ever dreamed of doing more than riding? Have you ever wanted to save horses from more than horse slaughter? In the book series Heartland, Amy is living these dreams. She protects more than the horse destined to die; she saves the horse destined to live a sad, painful life. Besides hearing the sad stories of the horses in her care, Amy lives a happy life—that is, until her mother dies. Amy feels like it is her fault her mother tried to rescue a horse in that storm. She asked her mother to go, didn’t she? It takes seeing another overcome a death to help her realize it wasn’t her fault.

Anyone interested in alternative therapy for horses will be inspired by this book. Amy and her boyfriend Ty use TTouch therapy and herbal remedies to help the horses in their care. I was amazed to hear about this different method for helping horses. Amy also helps her business-minded sister, Lou, get over her fear of horses.

This series is incredible! While some horse books may be dry reading and not be very interesting (except for the horses!) this book is a real page-turner! You will love every minute you spend reading the Heartland Series!

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  1. good review allison!! i’m in LOVE with heartland and i’m on book 13 now. TToch is really fascinating! after reading the books i tried it once on my favorite horse and he started relaxing and lowering his head!! it was amazing! i felt just like amy!! haha!

  2. Oh wow I LOVE heartland! It always was a cool book and even my MOM read them with me!

  3. I love these books! they are informing and realistic, in fact I sat down reading one today and did not get up until i finished the 100 pages remaining!
    Thank you for the great review allison