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REVIEW: Hope Rising by Kim Meeder

Published by • May 23rd, 2008 • Category: Books & Writing, Junior Blogger Archives, Previews & Reviews

Author: Kim Meeder
Title: Hope Rising
Category: Books
Genre: Non-Fiction

Reviewed by Blaze’ncowgirl, age 15

Hope Rising is a great and inspiring book about horses and the bond people have with them. The horses in the book have been rescued from terrible situations and have been abused, neglected or sometimes not wanted anymore. Kim Meeder, her husband Troy and their ranch Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch help these hurting and abandoned horses. They also help broken children, teenagers, and even some adults. The people help the horses to heal and the horses help them to heal.

My mom got this book for me from the library and I love it. It shows the dreams, hope, love, hurt, and healing that horses and people are able to help each other find and get over. This book has many small stories in it that illustrate these points and others. It also shows us what others and we can do to help.

On the book over the title it says ‘Stories From The Ranch Of Rescued Dreams.’ This is incredibly true (all the stories in the book are true). Hope Rising is a great book. It can be sad, but it has so much hope and love in it that I know horse girls and others will love.

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  1. Great blog, Blaze’ncowgirl! I have not read this book, but it looks fabulous! Sounds interesting and exciting as well. Hopefully I can find it in the library….


  2. It sounds brilliant, I’m going to start looking for it.

  3. OMG I read this book! I hope someday I can visit the Ranch!

  4. Jeanna, This book is awesome and I also would really like to visit the ranch also! I told my mom yesterday that if I lived close to the ranch that I would love to volenteer.

    – mustangmane, I hope that you are able to find it at your library. =)

    Ps. The book might be hard for younger kids to read. What do you think Jeanna?

  5. I am going to check this book out right away! We are having a read all day at school, and I need like 10 books, or else I’ll run out of books! Thanks for giving me an idea! I can’t wait to get it!

  6. P.S. This is a great review Blaze’ncowgirl! You sure are an amazing writer! Keep up the great reading and writing!

  7. Blaze’ncowgirl-
    I hope that too! I love books about horses, or even books that mention horses!!


  8. Brilliant review Blaze’ncowgirl, you got me hyped to visit the library. That is definitely a must to read now. Beautiful writing and great reasons. I really enjoyed reading this blog, and I think I’m going to enjoy “Hope Rising” just as much.

  9. I think it probably would be.. plus.. Some of the stories are a little graphic.. but for older kids and teens it is a must-read.

  10. That’s what I thought…and it can get a little graphic… sothanks for the input! But yes like you said for older kids it is a must-read. And not only will girls like it but boys also. My 13 year old brother read it and he liked it a lot.

    Thanks every one for your great comments!

  11. To Jeanna Briggs- Would it be okay for me to read? I’m 10, and my teacher says I can read 10th grade books.