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REVIEW: Howrse

Published by • Jun 5th, 2007 • Category: by Julia, Fun & Games, Previews & Reviews

Title: Howrse
Publisher: Owlient
Platform: Online (Windows or Macintosh PC)
Game Category: Virtual Stable

Reviewed by Julia, age 13

Howrse.comI think one of the best web sites for horse people is Howrse. Howrse is a stable simulation game where you breed, train, buy and sell your own horses or ponies as well as run your own Equestrian Center. It’s all free except for buying passes, which uses real money, but you can win passes for free in the game. Passes allow you to buy magical items that will increase your horse’s skills or have another beneficial affect.

In order to advance in this game you pass riding levels. For every riding level you pass more and better features are unlocked to you. To pass riding levels you take quizzes with questions pertaining to horses. There are true and false as well as multiple-choice questions. The questions get harder as you advance in the game. As I stated before, more features become unlocked as you pass riding levels. For example, at level two you can become a groom, but at level eight (the final level) you can become a saddler — the highest paying job on Howrse. At level three you can open your own Equestrian Center etc.

Once you retain your own EC (Equestrian Center) you can host jumping, cross-country, and race competitions. For jumping and cross-country you design the course yourself by laying down obstacles and setting the price and level of the required skills to qualify. You can breed horses to produce the top foals and at level four you can view all sorts of info on genetics in the game and breed status. Depending on what your goal is and how far you are in the game, things can get complicated so for the best information read the help files on the game.

Unfortunately, Howrse is only open to English speaking countries, but it is very enjoyable and definitely my favorite horse sim game out there because of the realism it offers.

Editors Note: There’s also a French version of this game called Equidio.

If you have something to add to Julia’s review of Howrse, feel free to submit a comment.

If you’re looking for help with or want to tell others about your status in the game, please do that on the Howrse site. Thanks!

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  1. I saw it and it looks fine.

  2. This is a good game although i think it’s a bit confusing,but you get the rang of it after a bit.

  3. It is really confusing at first but a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. It’s so realistic and it’s a real challenge but still fun. It’s all moderated too so very little instances with bad language comes up. I do not go by Julia on the game. I’d rather keep my player name to myself.

  4. I like how the horses can pictures without you giving them to the horse.

  5. For help read the help files and breeder’s manual on the game. It answers almost every question you could have,

  6. Thanks for this.I now have another horse sim to play.

  7. howrse is a great games for all horse lovers. if you love horses you should play it too!!

  8. It cost some money for the whole game, but for free, you can play a small part of the game. You can feed, train, even age your horse or pony. It is really quite a fun game.

  9. i play it and it is a very ingoabal game

  10. I used to be on there. I dont know why i havent been. It is a great website! its so kool how they have u bring up your own horse. and if u dont take care of them, the horses die. :(

  11. it’s a great game, but i wish it let you really get to feed the horse yourself and groom it. i don’t like how the screen just refreshes like that.

  12. The only thing i really hate,is how the horse gets ill if you leave it for a day!!

  13. Its kind of hard and…. i don’t know, i can see why it is free

  14. That game is fun but it is kinda weird. But still I like it because it is abouit horses and I LOVE horses!

  15. Animalsrkool, I agree! My pony died and I am really upset.

  16. I was playing this game. But then it got really annoying. I just stopped playing because it was to hard to understand. Still good writing though Julia. You almost made me want to go back. LOL

  17. I understand Horsecrazzz. It took me forever to figure it out. But now I love it (I can be weird sometimes). ;) But if you need help on the game, my player name is Kepper.


  18. I think this game is funn but i hate the fact that you have to pay to get stuff like in real money eh..i hope they stop that a little!

  19. The pass thingies are kinda annoying,but u can GROW them!! its amazing,i’m gonna try when i get a 15 acre field..

  20. Yeah, but the seeds are very hard to get and very expensive. But also, when you pass riding levels 6-9 you get a horn of plenty, which could have things that you could buy with a pass. But there’s nothing that people w/o passes can’t do and vice versa. That’s just my opinion though. :)

  21. well i’ve got pass seeds(u do but them @ the store) but it won’t be easy i know,but hey,i can try!!

  22. Ugh! I dont really like that site. Its to confusing if you ask me.

  23. I dont know it justs very confusing or it might be that I dont like it that much. I like horse sites with good 3-D grapgics. But its still confusing(secretly i didnt read the instuctions)

  24. it is amazing but i dont like the fact that you have to buy passes. if you can buy passes in the game there should be other ways to get them! B-) ;;) :-?  :-h

  25. This is such an awesome site I go on it everyday if I can and it is so cool, I love how you can raise your own horse, build an equestrian centre and do lots of exciting things! I give this a double thumbs up sign! :)) :D :) :)) 8-} ;;) {:D} :-h

  26. Yeah I really love it! I go on every day. I like how you can choose from horses or ponies and you can even do cooler things like mail to your friends! :D :D :D

  27. I love this site now!!! I actually know how to play it!! I love how everytime your horse ages and is ready to start something new they explain it very well on your horses page :D